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Adam Jensen is Everywhere

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Adam Jensen isn't one to sit still. He can't even remain in the same city. Sometimes he gets out of his cage here in Eidos-Montreal and sees the world.

These pictures are evidence of his travels.


Seen on Kyle's desk: BIG BOSS (sorry nerds) fist-bumps Adam on a job well done.


David Bédard presents JENSENMANIA!


Adam congratulating Fred, winner of the big employee raffle prize.

Deus Ex Adam Jensen Eidos-Montreal employee raffle

Crashing the Eidos-Montreal group pic.

Playtest manager Alex playtesting the hell out of Adam.

The party is starting for reals...

Going off-script at the press conference.

Adam meets M. Net himself, Denis Talbot, at the launch party.

Adam finds his voice, Elias Toufexis.

Adam and Sarif, voiced by Stephen Shellen.

With Art Director JJB and CTO Julien Merceron.

With Daddy David Anfossi.

In Lead Programmer Simon Hamelin's drink.

Going wild with Game Designer Antoine Thisdale.

With Audio Director Steve Szczepkowski.

Smoke break with Level Designer Jean-Francois Champagne.

Adam loves a drink...

But it can get him in trouble with hostiles.

Adam at PAX! Things are starting smashingly.

He makes a great booth babe.

Like everyone else, always running out of ammo.

Twittering his head off with Community Manager Kyle.

Tender moment with the Free Hug ladies.

Meeting Randy Pitchford from Gearbox.

Dominating at Halofest.

Kicking ass with Fenix.

Shadowboxing with Polish fan Marek "Nexus" Sokol

And we're back home on JJB's desk for the ultimate battle!

Submit your own pictures of Adam Jensen travelling, please email them to Maybe yours will be featured!


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In coming!!! My Gong Fu kick is coming from behind you Adam!!! :P I know, know. "You never asked for this! " LOL! :P


Now I see what he does after work.


Adam never asked for this.. What a shame.