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August Community Round-Up

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

There's a lot going on in the Thief community these days, and it's only going to get better as we get closer to the game's launch next February. If you missed a post or a good forum thread, who could blame you? To make it a bit easier for you to keep up with the cool stuff we share, not to mention all the amazing fan-created content, we'll be doing a Community wrap-up post the first week of every month wrapping up all of the best videos, podcasts, blog posts, fan art and cosplay of the last 30-odd days.

If you read only one thing about Thief this month, make it this!


We released the first episode of Stealing Time, the official Thief podcast. Every last Friday of the month, we will sit with key members of the dev team to answer your questions or discuss a given theme. Last week, we talked gameplay mechanics with Nic Cantin and Daniel Windfeld-Schmidt. Subscribe on iTunes or listen below, and join the discussion:

Eye Candy

Early in the month, we unveiled a brand new concept art (courtesy of New Boss David Anfossi) as well as the box art for the game. Did you get your wallpaper?


As representatives of the community to the dev team, it is important for us to open a dialogue. To make sure your voice is heard and your concerns addressed, we've had a few Q&A sessions in the last few weeks. First, we challenged Nic and Daniel to answer 5 questions from the forums in 5 minutes, with topics ranging from AI awareness to difficulty levels. Then yesterday, Daniel answered more questions specifically concerning Garrett's movement mechanics.

The devs love the chance to talk to you directly as much as you enjoy getting the nitty-gritty details on the game, so look forward to a lot more Q&As to come. Be sure to submit your burningest questions in the forum!


We know you have seen it already - along with several million other fans - but go on, treat yourself once more. I still see something new every time! You might be surprised how often you'll catch Garrett out of the corner of your eye, skulking in the background of establishing shots (I counted 13). Watch below and discuss!

Fan Art

There's nothing the team enjoys more than seeing our work inspire so many talented artists. Here are a few pieces we particularly liked (click to go to the original source):

We've mentioned Thief Confessions before, a Tumblr where fans can submit their most secret (or hilarious) thoughts about the series. The manager, alias Garrett's Apprentice, started a new Tumblr in the same vein where she invites you to let your imagination run wild. Wonder what would happen if Garrett had a baby with Carmen Sandiego? They have some theories.

If animated gifs are more your speed, don't miss this Tumblr!


You can tell it's con season, our inbox is full of pictures of homemade Garretts. We've profiled two Lady Garretts this month, Lyz and Amber. As a gesture of gratitude for their feats of cosplay, we sent them a little present...

Since then, we've seen great shots from Kataelli, SlamMaster and many others. Keep them coming! If you need a bit of inspiration, have a look at our exhaustively detailed costume reference guide. If we get reports this Halloween of mysterious black-caped green-eyed shadows performing daring candy capers, we'll know we have done our job.

Did we miss anything? Share your fan sites, art, fiction, cosplay, all the cool Thief-ey stuff you come across on the forums, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or just email us. We can't wait to see!


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