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Behind the Scenes at the E3 Community Event!

Posted by Adam Badke

As many of you are aware, during E3 2013 in Los Angeles earlier this month we invited several of our most dedicated and hardworking community members to join us at the show and check out what we’ve been working on for the past couple of years. Our lucky attendees flew in from far and wide to join us from their home towns in the USA, UK and Russia, and were treated to exclusive, no-holds-barred behind the scenes access to our games, our team and everything we had to show.

E3 is the biggest yearly event for gaming and technology, with access normally restricted to key members of the gaming industry – developers, manufacturers and press specifically. But, rather than let the elite few have all the fun, we here at Eidos-Montreal asked ourselves “why shouldn’t our true fans be the first to play the game?”

Take a behind the scenes look at the experience of community members as they took a firsthand look at our work and met the teams behind our games.

Arriving at the show

As VIPs, we got to skip the line ups!

Finally inside E3 2013 - John was especially excited!

First look at the Square Enix booth

The gang interview Thief’s lead level designer, Daniel Windfeld-Schmidt

Posing in front of Garrett

Andrew’s standard E3 pose

The next generation is here!

Taking a well deserved rest

Exclusive THIEF gameplay session

Dinner after the show

Relaxing back at the hotel

Nate’s camera moves

Nate checking out Deus Ex: The Fall

Sergey checking out Deus Ex: The Fall

John checking out the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut demo

Andrew and Lucy checking out the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut demo

Nate’s ability to spot celebrities on the other side of the show floor meant we were frequently separated. Bad Nate, bad!

They said WHAT on the forums?

Developer/Community mixer – group shot!

Andrew meeting Deus Ex’s JF Dugas and David Anfossi

JF Dugas always attacks when you least expect it

Andrew puts up on hell of a fight

Lucy, John and Adam unwinding at the Developer/Community mixer

Andrew and Stephane D’Astous

Andrew and Thief Game Director, Nic Cantin

Andrew and David Anfossi

Nate and Thief Game Director, Nic Cantin

Got a question about Thief, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut or Deus Ex: The Fall? Check out the community “Ask Us Anything” threads! You can also see more from E3 in the Thief and Deus Ex retrospective posts.


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"Nate’s ability to spot celebrities on the other side of the show floor meant we were frequently separated. Bad Nate, bad!"

It's not my fault I have the eyes of a hawk!