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City Hub Media Previews

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

In anticipation for the release of our first gameplay trailer, we traveled around the world to present the City Hub to the media. Journalists got a chance to grill the devs and sit down for a hands-on session with the game. After doing a few missions for Basso, here's what they had to say:

IGN: Thief: Stealing Loot, but What About Your Heart?
"The more I stole, the happier I became."

Make sure to watch their great trailer analysis.

Destructoid: Pillaging in the City
"I came away quite impressed with the scope of the game at least. Visually, the title looks stunning and the game performance was quite solid. It's a very interesting look at what people can expect from next-gen gaming."

GameSpot: Pulling Back the Curtain on Thief
"If anything, peeking behind the veil gives me greater appreciation for the hard work that goes into creating that magic. I'll let them tinker under the hood. As long as the result instills the tension Gallagher talks about, I'm happy to fall under Thief's spell."

GamesRadar: What We Stole (and Learned) in Two Hours of Playing Thief
"Thief is about freedom. You see a house, you need to steal something from it, and you get to decide how you get in. It's this gameplay loop--information, infiltration, stealing, escaping--that is the essence of Thief's addictive stealth."

They also asked Steven Gallagher and Stéphane Roy about their views on the essence of stealth. See their answers here.

Inside Gaming Daily: Thief Preview
"It’s in those moments—assuming they occur often enough, with that threat of danger and heroism finely balanced—that Thief can reestablish itself as the godfather of the stealth action genre. It’s a title the franchise deserves, it has a team dedicated to producing that effect, and we’ll see how successful they are early next year."

VentureBeat: Thief: The Secrets and Challenges that Lurk Within the City’s Walls
"While not everything was intuitive and it took some time for me to adjust to Thief’s gameplay style (compared to the parkour-heavy action games I’m used to, Thief is deliberately slow), I did enjoy the two hours I spent with it."

They also did an interview with the leads, which you can read here.

And I've kept the best for last! Watch this interview with Producer Joe Khoury for tons of new gameplay footage not found in the trailer.


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