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Attention Cosplayers

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

We got a lot of cosplaying fans asking where they can get Adam's coat.

The awesome trench in the Deus Ex Collection is a good start.

However, many have noted that it lacks a little floral something in the shoulder area... We're all about OCD-level degree of verisimilitude here, so we're providing you the exact pattern from the game.

Note: Eidos-Montreal is not legally liable for any security breaches, hacking incidents, acts of terrorism or armblade massacres committed by individuals wearing the Jensen trench.

Download Adam's floral pattern


We got some requests for Megan's coat pattern. Aw, couple cosplay! We love it, so here you go.

Download Megan's floral pattern

Also, if you don't have the advanced cosplay skills to graft a biomecanical arm on yourself, our augmented arm sleeves might be of interest.

Eidos Montreal Store

Be sure to send us your best cosplay pics!


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If your are STILL looking for genuie pattern for the trench. I am FOUNDED IT!

Manufacturer: Eijffinger
Collection: Black & White
Code: 347105

This company making wallpapers (for walls!). 8)


I want to buy this awesome coat but it was sold out for europe. Is there gona be more of this?


The coat sold out yesterday in the EU Store, but the store was not updated until today. Disappointing :( Will there be any more available in the future?

Joachim, unfortunately that looks to be part of a wider problem. Compare any brands prices in the states compared to the EU or UK. Something might cost £50 here, and it'll cost $50 in the states. I don't think it's EM deliberately trying to screw anyone, but merely a result of globalisation not quite being what we want it to be.


Why screw europeans? $ 189 in US € 189 in Europe = $270 Nicely done....


I want this coat too, but I am way too fat :P


Is there a way i can get Hi-res pics of Adam to see the arms details, armor front/back and pants and glasses. i want to make a Adam Jensen costume. Thanks


But then we'd have to remove the awesome black and gold lining!


Is there a specific reason why the pattern cannot be implemented in the real world version of the trenchcoat? I already bought this coat, but I would probably pay more if I knew it was 100% faithful to Jensen's. Either way, I can't wait to get it in october.