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DXHR – Director’s Cut Community Q&A Wrapup!

Posted by Adam Badke

Since the Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut was announced earlier this year, the Deus Ex community has been buzzing. Add to that the announcement on the first day of E3 that the Director’s Cut would be coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in addition to the Wii U, the online furor has only increased!

If you’ve been following the “We PLAYED Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut at E3 – Ask us anything!” thread on the official Deus Ex forums, you’ll know that we brought 5 lucky community attendees to E3 2013 to see what we’ve been working on of late. They’ve been hard at work answering fan submitted questions about the Director’s Cut since their return from the event, thousands of you have dropped by the forums so far to lurk in the thread and enjoy a healthy dose of questions and answers posted by the community.

Besides having hands-on time playing the Director’s Cut on Nintendo’s Wii U, our community attendees also got to meet key members of the Deus Ex team behind the scenes and have unrestricted interview access live from E3. The guys recorded their experience, click here to check it out!

To wrap up the forum thread so far for those of you who haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, here are the top questions submitted about Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, and the community’s responses:


1. There was an E3 vid where the DC showed the Wii U controller on the screen while the game was playing. Was this done for presentation purposes or does the Wii U controller actually pop up on the lower left corner and stay there? (Posted by HERESY)

Nate: This was just presentation purposes so you could see both screens in the E3 vid. During the actual game the controller screen remains on the controller.




2. Can you give details on the changes to level design and enemy AI? Is the level design noticeably different; as in, it's not just an extra room here or an extra corridor there? (Posted by Doozerpindan)

John: AI is somewhat improved to be a bit more dynamic, intelligent and in a some cases more aggressive than in the vanilla versions. The level designs have apparently seen some tweaking in many places, but far and away the most drastic changes are to be found in the boss fights. The constraints here are a bit interesting; they have to make the environments match the pre-rendered cutscenes, but also expand them so that gameplay is more flexible than before. I rather like how they tackled this challenge in the Barrett fight. If you hadn't seen the vanilla version, you wouldn't think anything was amiss when going from the cutscene to the revamped version of the "arena". Yet they've doubled the amount of playable area.

Lucy: My first-hand experience in changes to the AI was limited. We played a small slice of the Director's Cut, and I attempted to avoid interactions with the enemies for most of the demo. As I approached the boss battle with Barrett I snuck past most of the guards, and they seemed to respond to my sneaky play through in a similar way in which I've become accustomed to.

After a chaotic escape from some guards after I alerted them by accidentally throwing a grenade, (yes, I know) I got to the boss fight feeling so much happier that the level design had changed. You are able to approach it from a more varied angle which certainly suits my lighter play style as I usually can't compete with a head-on assault. I launched myself up a ladder, and into a vent; although Barrett stayed on the lower floor, he didn't stop trying to shred me on the other side of some wire mesh. Boss fights were my number one gripe with HR, and I'm really glad they've sorted them out here. I'm intrigued as to how the fights with Namir and Fedorova will have changed.


3. How did the game look compared to the previous version? (Posted by HERESY)

John: Shaders were improved across the board, so it looks incrementally better. Compared against the vanilla 360 and PS3 versions it looks better, but the resolution and AA capabilities of the Wii U version don't come close to what a PC can do. When the Director's Cut hits the PC, it will be the best looking of the lot.

Andrew: The overall look of the game isn't radically different, but the whole lot has been brought up to the level that we saw in The Missing Link. It's a noticeable upgrade, but not a radical one.


4. Are there changes to the fight with zhao yun ru? I've seen video of the changes to Barrett and assumed Federova and Namir would see changes as well although I guess it would be good to get a confirmation on them as well. (Posted by tetracycloide)

John: They are taking the lessons learned in The Missing Link and applying them to the rest of the game. Far as boss fights go, the fights have all been revamped. We didn't get a look at the final fight but it has probably seen some improvements as well.


5. Do you have a chance to discuss with devs this Namir one punch strategy? Is it bug or feature? Is it still there after they revamped that boss fight? (Posted by KenTWOu)

John: The takedown trick was an exploit and has been fixed. What a shame.



6. Is it true that the Director's Cut includes all the DLCs including The Missing Link and the Explosive Mission / Tactical Enhancement? (Posted by CodenameD)

Andrew: It certainly includes The Missing Link, which is now worked into the main game rather than only being playable as an "aside". We didn't ask about the smaller DLCs - Tong's Rescue, Explosive Mission / Tactical Enhancement, etc - but given that this is the "ultimate" version of DXHR, I would strongly expect they'll be in there. (I can confirm that all bonus mission and weapon DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is included in the Director’s Cut! – Adam)



7. Do we HAVE to have a PS Vita or a tablet to play the Director's Cut on the PS3 or PC? (Posted by sny)

Andrew: No, if you don't have a Vita / tablet the game will play just fine without them, the option is just there for those who want it.


8. Is Director's Cut going to be released on Mac? (Posted by Hedby)

John: I believe so, yes.


9. Will the DC be available on Steam? (Posted by SpecX)

Andrew: Yeah, you can be pretty confident it'll be on Steam


10. I like to know if DEUS EX HR Directors cut for PS3 will be compatible with normal edition saves? (Posted by kivan69)

Andrew: Now that TML is integrated into the main game, any saves from after that point would be incompatible with the Director's Cut, so it's unlikely saves from before that point will work either.

11. Did you ask JF Dugas if he has ever seen the mustache laugh gif? (Posted by AlexOfSpades)



Andrew: I didn't ask if he'd seen that, but did hear The Laugh itself. it's even more evil in person. Especially when he has his hands around your throat at the time.



Thanks to everybody who participated in the thread, we hope you found it enlightening. Got more burning questions? Head on over to the official Deus Ex forums and join the conversation! For more on the Director's Cut, make sure you like Deus Ex on Facebook and follow @EidosMontreal on Twitter!


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