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DXHR - Director's Cut Out Now

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

After months of anticipation, the time has finally come for you to live the ultimate Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience, as the Director's Cut is released today! We've made you a new trailer to celebrate.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is not your standard Game of the Year edition... Sure, we're revamped the graphics and added all the DLC seamlessly into the main narrative. But we've also added a host of improvements and new features. We've completely redone the boss fights, integrated the strategy guide and dev commentaries, and added a New Game + mode so you can try out all possible choices and consequences.

Best of all, we're introducing a full slate of second screen features for the Wii U GamePad, Microsoft’s SmartGlass and PlayStation Vita that make the touchscreen interface Adam Jensen’s primary neural hub enhancement. It's a brand new way to play! You can see all the new bells and whistles in action in the Features trailer below, as well as in the FEMA Camp and Alice Garden Pods walkthrough videos.

North American fans will be able to get the game right away, and it will be available worldwide this Friday October 25 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U from all your favorite retailers. Buy your copy for any console from the Square Enix Store to get an exclusive new Deus Ex novella by James Swallow. Titled Deus Ex: Fallen Angel, the novella follows the story of Malik just prior to the events of Human Revolution and is a must-have for any Deus Ex fan.

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