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DXHR Represents at the CVA

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

The Canadian Videogame Awards were given out on April 21, and needless to say our baby gave us new reasons to be proud.

It was a pretty magical evening for Eidos Montreal as Deus Ex: Human Revolution was nominated in 8 categories and won in 5: Best Console Game, Best Audio, Best Game Design, Best Writing and Best New Character. We were in excellent company at the event and we wish to congratulate the other nominees including Ubisoft, Bioware, EA and THQ as well as the other great winner of the night, Superbrother: Sword & Sworcery by Capy and Jim Guthrie, which also earned five awards.

Stephane D'Astous, David Anfossi, Jean-François Dugas, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, François Lepikas, Steve Szczepkowski and Mary DeMarle all took their turn on stage to accept the awards on behalf of the whole DXHR team and came back from Vancouver with suitcases full of lovely (but oh so fragile) glass maple leaf trophies. Watch their touching acceptance speeches below!

Presented by Aaron Douglas (The Chief, you guys!!) to Stephane and the whole DXHR delegation.

Presented by Jennifer Hale, voice actress you might remember from everything you've ever loved, to our own Tumblr star Frank.

JF and JJB, decked in his finest formal shorts, step up on stage to accept this one on behalf of Adam Jensen. Elias steals the credit and the show.

Steve takes this one back to the recording studio to inspire further rocking.

Mary DeMarle, bringing some class to the proceedings as usual.

Thanks to The Electric Playground for allowing us to share those clips.


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