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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Patched

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

A patch has just been released to address a number of bugs and issues that affected some players of Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut.

What exactly has been fixed? This right here:

AI Bug Fixes
The Personality Dialog no longer disappears when talking to Chase;
Chet Wagner no longer missing;
Sarif dialog fixed when using pheromones.

Graphic Fixes
Black material - Fixed texture problem on the base of Detroit convenience shops;
Black wall in Sarif HQ near the entrance fixed;
Bright green textures instead of metallic textures in Hengsha kitchens fixed;
Fixed textures tiling issues in Adam's apartment floor and wall, Detroit grass and corridors;
Fixed floor tiling issue in Detroit apartment carpets;
Fixed black material on Tai Yong Medical walls.

Sound/Music Fixes
Fixed stuck sound issues;
Megan intro music stops playing in the walk and talk;
Fixed audio glitches in level load;
Fixed incoming commentary sound glitch when the system is disabled;
Music no longer stalling when performing an alt-tab.

Features fixes and additions
Setup dialog: now possible to change settings outside of the game;
Text selection language option fixed;
Fixed language switching issues from Steam and in-game;
Some performance optimizations.

We are still working on a few issues, most crucially the second screen functionality on PC and Xbox. We are collaborating with Intel and Microsoft to provide the full Director's Cut experience to all players as soon as possible.

Are you still looking for solutions to technical issues? Or you just want to gush about how much fun you're having revisiting the world of Adam Jensen? You can do both in the official Deus Ex forums, or on our Twitter or Facebook pages.


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What's the status on that dual screen for PC?


Would you please patch the Wii U version with Pro Controller support?


Please add Pro Controller support for the Wii U version!


My game crashes when entering the "Alice Garden Pods" in the second level of the Daigong district. My game was running extremely well up until this point and now I cannot move on with story :-( I'm currently playing the PC version on Steam. Please resolve this ASAP, can't live another day without playing this game!


where is the link to download it ?


I hope that you will include polish subtitles in the next patch alongside with some other (like textures) fixes.

@PL: Psychol, nie liczylbym na import save'ow z DXHR z 2011.


i'm still waiting for polish language and option to export saves from vanilla game


How long till this patch hits PS3?




Where the hell is polish language version?!


what platform. for PC Steam should do it for you, for the rest i don't know.


Where can I download it?