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#DXHRLAUNCH coverage

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Tomorrow (today?), those of you in North America will be able to hold Deus Ex: Human Revolution in your physical or digital hands. Whether you’re waiting in line, rushing home to play the game, glued to your screen while playing, or patiently waiting for a time when you can play, please remember this game is the product of four long years of hard work by a group of passionate people.

As such, we want you to be vocal about all your launch day experiences. Go crazy with information, please. And if you’re on twitter, we invite you to use the hashtag #DXHRLAUNCH to better aggregate everything to one discussion. We have people in LA and Montreal, covering two different launch events, and you can be sure we’ll be using the tag as well.

After launch is over, we’re going to create a post on this blog containing our own pictures and thoughts on launch, as well as yours. So smother us with pictures and immediate thoughts from your launch day experiences. We can’t wait to hear from all of you.


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