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Deus Ex: The Fall PC Edition Heads to Steam

Posted by Phil Elliott

Following last year’s release on mobile devices, we’re really happy to now announce that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to Steam on March 25.

The game’s been adapted for the PC, meaning (of course) full keyboard/mouse controls, but also a whole bunch of other little bits too - so if you didn’t fancy dipping into Ben Saxon’s story previously, now would be an eminently sensible time to reconsider. After all, the game was produced with the original creative team from the superb Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and there's the small matter of new tracks penned by none other than Michael McCann...

The Steam version will sell for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99, but if you pre-order the game now (or grab it for a limited time after launch), you’ll also get the original Deus Ex – Game of the Year Edition for free... and if you’ve already have DE:GOTY, you’ll be able to gift it to somebody else instead!

So what’s on the complete feature list, compared to last year's mobile version of the game?
* No in-game purchase options
* 28 Steam achievements
* Adjusted AI
* Steam Trading Cards and Badges
* Revised tutorial
* Full keyboard and Mouse control optimisation
* Rebalanced game economy taking into account no IAP
* Microsoft Controller support
* Removal of auto target options
* Reduction in aiming reticle size
* Choice in cover style as DXHR (HOLD or Toggle)
* Resolution options
* Anti Aliasing option
* Vsync
* Control maps for keyboard and gamepad

So while Eidos-Montréal continues to work on the hugely exciting plans for Deus Ex Universe and a full-on, AAA Deus Ex game, you should definitely jump into Deus Ex: The Fall while you wait...


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Great, finnaly. Glad to see it on full optimisation for PC. Icarus Effect unexpectedly great novel. Seems a DETF did it too.


No one calls it "DE".