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Deus Ex: The Fall - Out now on Steam!

Posted by Paul Gordon

It's been a bit of a wait since the original release on iOS, but today we're happy to announce Deus Ex: The Fall's release on Steam for just £7.99/€9.99/$9.99! And right now, but for a limited time only, your purchase will also net you a free copy of the original Deus Ex GOTY edition too!

The mobile version of the game earned numerous nominations and shiny awards when it first released last year, so we're very excited to finally be able to introduce PC players to the augmented (and of course rather Orange) world of Ben Saxon: A British ex-SAS mercenary caught up in the kind of global conspiracy that only Deus Ex can deliver!

Are there any big differences between the mobile and the PC version I hear you cry? Well, I'm glad you asked! While you can review the majority of port modifications in our announcement post, here’s a quick re-cap of the main changes from the mobile edition:

• In-game purchase options have been removed

• 28 Steam achievements have been added

• Microsoft Controller, keyboard and mouse support are fully supported (so you won't have to worry about trying to poke your monitor to make things happen!)

So, there's little reason not to head over to Steam now and get a Deus Ex: The Fall conspiracy fix that will tide you over until the release of further information about the upcoming triple-A Deus Ex: Universe! Meanwhile, here's a little trailer to show you more.



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Game has an interesting story, but graphics and stuff was not up to par, remained at a mobile level. Tried using an xbox 360 controller, but it was unbearable, especially when hacking, however the mouse and keyboard did not have any problems. I did not encounter any bugs, and for only 10$ I got a good 4 hours out of it. If you like the universe, this is a game you should buy, if you did not, than don't buy since it looks like a game from the mid 2000's


I seriously wonder what the *bleep* you've been doing from the time you released this game on mobile devices, until now with the PC port? In the few hours that I've played this, I've encountered so many bugs that it makes be wonder if you've even had testers play this. Some bugs I've encountered: Numerous "sound holes" where I can't hear foot steps, gun shots, dialogue etc. While using cover I had numerous clipping issues, where my shots would hit the cover instead of the enemies. I even managed to fall through the world at one point, dying, because of buggy cover mechanics. IMHO you'd have been better off porting the 3D environment to Deus Ex: Human Revolution's editor and made the game anew there, because that worked! It feels like a 1995 version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Game has many improvements to could be made,hacking is not the same when it comes to button implementation,and feels klunky,performance issues regarding slight stutter or maybe it's the engine.