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Deus PAX: The Director’s Cut

Posted by Adam Badke

Something the whole team at Eidos-Montréal has been looking forward to finally arrived today as PAX East 2013 kicked off in Boston, bringing the first opportunity for fans to have a hands-on experience with Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut.

Square Enix’s presence at the event is unmissable, with a huge sprawling booth covering everything from Tomb Raider, Dead Island, Saint’s Row and Final Fantasy and everything in between, including of course, Deus Ex’s debut on the Wii U.

There was even a hint of Garrett!

Doors opened at 10 AM and saw legions of convention-goers pour into the Center, overwhelming the space with excitement and noise. As the Square Enix sound systems boomed and the latest trailers played out on a multitude of flat screens, fans circled the space, the line zig-zagging back and forth while people waited eagerly to finally get controllers into their hands and try out the demos on show. Even though it was only the first day of the event, the crowd filled the massive Boston Convention Center to the brim – and the weekend is likely to draw even larger crowds.

For Deus Ex fans, Saturday brings even more fun and excitement with a trivia contest at 11:30 AM, followed by a cosplay meetup at 3:30 PM. Got some Deus Ex duds? Stop by and show them off! If you’re planning to attend PAX East 2013 over the weekend, make sure you stop by the Square Enix booth and say hi, check out our playable demos, meet some of the team and even score some freebies. We also have a live tweet stream wall, tag your tweets with #SquareEnixPAX to get them on the feed and let us know what you’ve been enjoying from Eidos-Montréal and Square Enix at PAX East this year!

Hope to see you there!


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So Deus Ex Hardcore fans would have to buy a Wii U if they dont have one already to play a game they already have for full price just for a minimap feature on the controller and some deleted levels that dont contribute to anything? How about adjusting the ending of the game so its not Multiple choice and instead have your actions in the game dictate your outcome, that IS the only reason people played and loved Deus Ex. Deus Ex is about suffering from your actions, "I Never Asked for This" should be how it ends... Does Directors edition fix then ending to be a true Deus Ex ending? or will it remain as "whats behind Button number 1"?