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EMP Minisode 10 - Occupy Sarif

Posted by Kyle Stallock

There's certainly public displays of discontent in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with human augmentation acting as the catalyst for all kinds of shenanigans. In our world, the Occupy movement grabs a seemingly endless number of headlines for protests occurring all over the United States. Do these two examples of civil unrest share much in common? Is the divide between haves and the have-nots of the virtual world similar to our own? Or are they fundamentally so different a comparison is wholly irrelevant?

On this minisode, the usual crew discusses the occupy movement as it relates to DX:HR.

EMP Minisode 10: Occupy Sarif by EidosMontreal
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Here's the original question: "I'm curious, has anyone ever asked you guys to compare the anti-augmentation protests to the Occupy Wall Street Movement? If it's a no, I'm asking you now."

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