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EMP Minisode 12 - The End

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Here's the question that starts this ending-themed minisode:

"Why don't we see Jensen one last time after the final decision is made? It frustrated me, I feel like we didn't have the chance to say goodbye properly to the character we spent time with for hours. Is it because you wanted to focus on the RPG side of the game, this isn't as much Jensen's decision as it is ours. Or you didn't have enough $ to do 4 different cinematics? Ty for the answer."

Normally, you'd probably expect a developer to tip-toe around such a confrontational question. But not our devs, and not on a minisode! JF takes this question head-on, delving into the nitty gritty of why the ending was chosen, and Mary chimes in with how the ending relates to science fiction philosophy. It's a long episode (our longest yet?), chock full of new information.

EMP Minisode 12: The End by EidosMontreal
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Whether you love it or hate it, we hope you're not indifferent to this episode. This includes you, forum member Reven.

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Well, that means we need another prequel to tie in the endings and have a canon outcome setting for DX 1. :D