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EMP Minisode 13 - Russians

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Dear Russian friends, our apologies in advance. No matter what you hear, know that we love you.

Here's the minisode question we answer:

"Hi, I'm halfway through the game and find it to be phenomenal, I hope you guys win GOTY.. But I do have one gripe.. Did you absolutely had to have cliched USSR characters? The inhabitants of the Russian Federation are a wonderful people, why must they always be the bad guy? Doesn't America in fact have tons of bad guys within its geographical limits already?"

Wait a minute, Russians in Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Something seems a little...odd. Did this (presumably) Russian fan see something in our game we didn't? Hmmmm... If the community manager's a bit suspicious, you can only imagine how our talented minisode-answering machine of a team responded. Those of you requesting more of Mary will especially dig this episode.

EMP Minisode 13: Russians by EidosMontreal
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