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EMP Minisode 14 - Monkey Fridays

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Today's question is as follows:

"Hey guys, I know most studios are tight knit bro (and brodette) circles where you all do fun stuff together. (i.e: Naughty Dog morning Yoga sessions, EA soccer games, etc) What kind of fun things do you guys do? Also have you had Duck in a Can?"

To be frank, no. Many of us don't often hang out together outside of work. But now that you've heard the answer, we still recommend listening to our response. Monkey Fridays, JF's adoration for duck in a can, and whatever happened to male prostitution in Deus Ex are just a few of the topics discussed on this wildly off-topic and colorful episode.

EMP Minisode 14: Studio Socials by EidosMontreal
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