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EMP Minisode 6 - Deus Ex the MMO?

Posted by Kyle Stallock

With MMOs being on everyone's mind, especially now (*tips hat to Bioware and The Old Republic), the usual crew discusses Deus Ex as an MMO. Would this work? What would need to happen to validate such a genre jump? Does JF want to take the brand in this direction? You'll find out those answers by clicking the play button below.

EMP Minisode 6: Deus Ex MMO by EidosMontreal
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Oh, and here's the original question submitted by you, the community:

"After playing Deus Ex a few times over, I was stuck with the idea that the game could benefit from being made into an MMO. What do you believe would be the most changing part of developing Deus Ex into this gaming genre, without changing the core of the game itself?"

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