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EMP Minisode 7 - Critics

Posted by Kyle Stallock

As you might expect, we've received, and continue to receive, a diverse amount of feedback for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This is par for the course, especially when dealing with a property as critically acclaimed and engrained in gaming culture as Deus Ex.

One Tumblr user seems fed up with how much heat we've taken, inspiring him or her to send us this message:

"I accept that everyone has a right to an opinion, yet I find it sad that many are using that right to take a gracious (and rare) opportunity to speak directly to a developer & bash something that you & your team have spent years on. Calling you 'stupid' or 'all about the money'. As a DX1 "sequel" I was disappointed with the lack of immersiveness, but outside of the comparison to DX1, I very much enjoyed the game, and I bet if it was released under any other name, there would be less complaints."

How did we respond? Click the play button below to find out.

EMP Minisode 7: Critics by EidosMontreal
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To submit your own question to the team, head over to our Tumblr and click the "Ask us anything" button on the right. And if you get the time, let us know what you think of the show, either by commenting in the space underneath this post or emailing us at


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