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EMP Minisode 8 - Tattoo

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Fee? Fie? Foe and fum?

Don't worry, you'll get it when you listen.

Antoine takes the lead in answering a tattoo-related question on this minisode, but a doubtful Mary keeps mostly quiet. Sorry, fans of JF, the DX:HR game director with the legendary laugh doesn't say a peep this time around. The episode's still great (okay, so maybe I'm biased), especially since we put the crazy pants on Antoine.

Listen here: EMP Minisode 8: Tattoo by EidosMontreal
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And here's the original question:

"Hey, want to get a tattoo on my right shoulder, something related to deus ex or cyber-renaissance theme. What do you guys think would be cool and soooo hardcore?"

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