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EMP Minisode 9 - Fridge Love

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Fridge: A common appliance providing an essential modern-day utility. But in the context of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the food storage device transcends real-world limitations.

Its name, a whisper in the Belltower halls (the device that shall not be named). Its power, legendary. The fridge knows no limitations. Moveable cover. Destructive and unbreakable as a projectile weapon. Food coolant. Friend. The quiet companion never complains and never says no. It's Adam's fiercest ally, and Belltower's most feared enemy. Should the pearlescent miracle play lead in a spinoff, we'd witness the next step in interactive entertainment. But alas, the world's not ready. You're not ready.

On this special episode of EMP, we talk about Fridge merchandise. Yes, that's a capital "F." EMP Minisode 9: Fridge Love by EidosMontreal
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the game Deus ex is also online ?