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Introducing EMP

Posted by Kyle Stallock

I present to you the first episode of the Eidos-Montreal Podcast (EMP, for short).

For this first episode, I have a long chat with DX:HR audio director Steve Szczepkowski and composer Michael McCann about their influences, the evolving interpretation of what cyber renaissance stands for from an audio perspective, and Abba. Yes, that Abba. We cover other topics, too, and even unveil, for the first time ever, McCann’s initial pitch that got him the gig.

Like what you hear? Then subscribe to the show in the iTunes music store. Even more, bookmark the Soundcloud page and let us know specifically what you like, love, don’t like, and hate.

In addition to the podcast, below is Steve’s initial pitch document, which he mentions on the show.

Without giving away too much, we’re just dipping our toe into the audio show pool. We have a lot more coming to you in the future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this first effort.

Stay tuned.

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Soundcloud seems to be down on your launch day. Bummer.


Awesome first episode, guys - I just have one comment concerning the aversion of the classic Deus Ex's theme. Though I agree that DXHR should have an identity all its own, I still think at least a hint of the original's music would have been nice in the title theme of game. Deus Ex Invisible War did this (albeit, a little bit more overtly than necessary), and is a good example of making it work without simply re-doing it. Still, even if you listen to Icarus (the music used in the trailer), a musically inclined individual can figure out how to hum the original theme over the chord progression. ;)

Love it. Will you guys be releasing the soundtrack eventually? From what I've heard, this will rank very closely near Amon Tobin's work on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.


@deleet & @Valerie_Bourdeau, thank you. I got it now.


Pardon our growing pains... This will get easier once we roll out our dedicated media section. In the meantime, you can listen to the EMP on SoundCloud, over there:


@Gavin Click "play" in the EMP section on the front page (not the news about EMP on the news pane).


Silly question, how do I listen to it? Where's the download link?


Brilliant Idea. I am currently downloading the pod cast. This is one of the things I love about some companies. The back-story, the information, the development. All of that seems useless to some but to some including myself, THAT is the best part of the whole deal. It's the "special content" or "behind the scenes" things I love most. That is why I buy Blu-ray movies, to get behind the scenes, hear the opinions and ideas from the creators themselves. See how the developed an idea, or grew upon it. And this is the reason I went straight for the Augmented Edition. For that behind the scenes content. When I get my copy tomorrow I already know the first thing I'm doing. I'm watching that 44 minute long development video. (Honestly I wish it were longer.) It's one of the things I just enjoy. Seeing the hardships and the talent. Thank you Edios-Montreal for even more behind the scenes content. I hope you all bring A LOT more of these pod casts! Keep up your hard work and I look forward to enjoying your Product tomorrow! Sincerely, A young yet old fan of the Deus Ex series.