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EMP Episode 4: Fanfic

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Without you, this episode wouldn't be possible. You provided most of the content, we just read it.

In part one, Deus Ex: Human Revolution game director Jean-Francois Dugas, lead narrative designer Mary DeMarle, and game designer Antoine Thisdale read fanfic created by the community. There's a love story, a crossover with Naruto, and even one that may be categorized as slashfic.

As we say repeatedly in the show, this is quite possibly the greatest form of flattery we can receive. Although we're laughing while reading the material, it's at the idea of these characters being placed in situations we didn't expect, and the difficulty which our narrators have with pronunciations (there's nothing quite like JF trying to read Japanese names). Again, we have the utmost respect and love for those who would use their own time to write additional stories for our characters. Thank you so very much. And please, don't stop writing.

Part two has been sitting in our lap for awhile, and it's our mistake for not releasing it sooner. Months ago we asked you to call in and let us know of your favorite parts in DX:HR. Many of you called in. Not all answers seemed entirely...serious. What do I mean? Listen, and you'll see... For extra funsies, try and name all the tracks we used as background music in this podcast. I bet you can't name them all.

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