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Support Team Eidos-Mo-Treal!

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

It's Movember again, the height of moustache season, and things are getting a little hairy around here.

Our friends at Crystal Dynamics have challenged the gaming community to a stache showdown to raise awareness and funds for male cancer research. So far, 28 teams have picked up the gauntlet, including folks at Valve, Nintendo, and EA. Barely a week into the challenge, those brave whisker warriors have already raised over $30,000.

Of course, we had to bring our own augmented follicles to the party. Meet the virile men of team Eidos-Mo-Treal, freshly shorn for their before shot, with the Ladies Auxiliary lending support, motivation and hair care products.

We're not growing all this face fur (just) to show off our studio's overpowering manliciousness. It's a good look, sure, but it's also a good cause! Here's where you come in; pledge a few bucks in support of our guys and help us crush Team EA! Oh, yeah, and cancer.

Together, we can make a difference (and make Mann Co. cry like a little girl).


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Go on guys!