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Eidos-Montreal Open House

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Last Saturday, we opened our doors to the public for the annual Eidos-Montreal Open House, giving fans from the Montreal area a chance to snoop around the studio and meet the people that keep the place running and the games coming. Some liked it so much they didn't want to leave, so we took their CV and grilled them in mini-interviews.

I know, it isn't fair to all of you not fortunate enough to live near us... As a consolation, you can take the tour in pictures.

Eidos-Montreal lobby

While waiting for the tour to begin, fans could play DXHR and The Missing Link in the lobby and try to beat the flawless standard set by our QA tester Anael.

Eidos-Montreal playtest lab

First stop on the tour: the playtest lab! Here, Alexandre and Nikki explain the difference between playtesting and QA.

Eidos-Montreal QA

Then it's off to the QA department, where Fred and Jessica make it clear that their job is much more than playing games all day.

Eidos-Montreal Thief 4 devs

The Thief team was on-hand to inspire and educate tour attendees on the game design process. Sorry, eager fans, no new information regarding the actual game was revealed.

Eidos-Montreal HR

The HR team was on hand to meet potential recruits and gather CVs.

Eidos-Montreal open house

The visit ended in the cafeteria, where you could get signed souvenirs...

Eidos-Montreal GM Stephane D'Astous

Catch a glimpse of GM Stephane D'Astous in his natural element...

Deus Ex Human Revolution Devs

Mingle with the Deus Ex devs...

Deus Ex Adam Jensen Arm Blade

Check out our awesome Adam-armblade replica (it says DO NOT TOUCH right there, guy!)

Deus Ex Family Time

And spend some quality time with The Missing Link. Aw.

That was fun. We should do it again next year. Hope to see you there!


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