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Fan [H+]Art Roundup

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Deus Ex fans are a romantic bunch. When they're not getting biomechanical bits implanted against their will or uncovering global conspiracies, they're busy speculating on who's getting busy. We know that Adam and Megan share a complex romantic past, of course. But did you know that Fedorova and Barrett once got it on? True backstory!

If you spend any time exploring the wealth of Deus Ex fanfiction and fanart, no pairing can surprise you anymore. And I'm not just talking about Rule 34; shippers have felt sweet romance sparks flying between just about every characters in the game.

Today, we want to express our genuine appreciation for you, our hardcore fan community. In the name of Saint Valentine, we've scoured the net to bring you the most romantic, silliest, sweetest fanart... and found ourselves truly moved in the process. You guys have embraced the characters of DXHR and gave them life beyond the narrative of the game, and few things make us happier than seeing our creation handled with so much care by so many people.

The chemistry between Spy Boy and Fly Girl is pretty obvious to everyone... Except maybe for Adam the Oblivious.

+5XP - Obvious Much by Ebbe Waxin

I mean, it's as plain as the nose on his face...

.dat nose. by JustBast

Jacques even found clear, incontrovertible proof of feels in the game!

We gotta admit, they are extremely cute together.

Adam Jensen + Faridah Malik by Mikki

Deus Ex: Adam X Malik by maXKennedy

Cereal Time by doubleleaf

But some pairings are a bit less overt. Is this the kind of vibe you get from the Boss? (It's yogurt!!!)

Sarif's Yogurt Night by doubleleaf

Cheeky Sarif-san!

Smooch by Kylie

Here's a little something for the laaaaaadies.

Pic by atropo (also responsible for the cuteness that is the Ask Faridah blog

Ahh, Pritchard. Does Adam love him, hate him, love to hate him, or hate to love him? The question is explored at lenght on the Just a Genius Tumblr.

But the best love of all is between fans and characters. Which brings me to my favorite Tumblr in a long long time, Deus Ex Confessions, where fans reveal their deepest darkest blackest and goldest secrets. Crushes range from the retro...

To the controversial...

To the inexplicable...

To the downright weird.

You better believe we'll be submitting some confessions of our own (if we haven't already! Shhh...)

From our mechanically beating augmented heart to yours, happy Valentine's Day!

Deus Ex Valentines by the ever amazing Pirpintine


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