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It's great that you guys are doing this for the Wii U. However, if you guys add in remote and nunchuck support, I'll be there day one as would a lot of other Wii U owners. Having multiple options for control is definitely the way to go on Nintendo systems. Please consider this. Even Black Ops 2 added in IR for those who wanted to play that way. Having the gamepad and the remote work together would be a great experience and I feel like that options should be there.


Seriously, this has GOT to come out on PC. I'm with XEMONIS here... I was waiting on Colonial Marines, but it turned out to be complete and utter blasphemous crap, so now I have money to spend on another game, and it might as well be the DX:HR Director's Cut. It doesn't even need to be backward-compatible with all my save-games; all the more reason to play it all over again!


I DID asked for this. ON MY PC!!!!!!!
Pretty please?????


I have monies to throw at you for a PC version of this game. I will gladly pay for it again at full price. (i bought HR, Missing Link, and all addon from Steam)