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For the Lulz

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

As most of you guessed, Deus Ex: Human Defiance was an April Fools' gag. Hope you had as much fun watching as we had making it, 'cause we had an absolute blast!

Our little joke landed big, with an astonishing number of comments and new fans on Facebook (hi new guys! Welcome!) We even got coverage from the biggest gaming news sources (we love you too, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Polygon and Game Trailers). We wanted your attention, and we got it big time!

What we didn't expect was that so many of you would want to play Human Defiance for real. For now, we can at least pretend. As Adam promised, click here to download the brilliant 8-bit version of the Icarus theme mixed by Yohann Boudreault. Close your eyes, fill your ears, you can almost feel the pixels.

If you want to push the fantasy even further, here are a couple alternate universe covers proposed by fans (thanks, Tom and El!) We suggest you print them out and stick them on your current-gen copies of DXHR for that sweet retro feel.

We want to take a moment to give some shout-outs. First and foremost, thanks to Friend of the Studio James-Christopher Fauvelle, who rendered the world of Deus Ex in glorious 8-bit. Feast your eyes on some of these concept plates:

But a lot more people were in on the joke. Despite their busy schedule, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête and Jean-François Dugas (in his Municipal Waste shirt) jumped at the chance to star in our nonsense. They literally threw themselves into it. Look at JJB eat it at 3:35. Savor it. That was a deliberate acting choice, you guys. Their enthusiasm was barely even dampened by the Big Mean Producer (played with French gusto by DXHR Director's Cut Producer Jean-Paul Mari) and the Heartless Marketing Dude (played by Deus Ex Brand Manager General Andre Vu).

Behind the scenes, DXHR Director's Cut Game Designer Emile Pedneault helped on the visuals, based on a script written by DXHR Game Designer Jean-François Champagne. Our friends at Take Off shot the live-action video and put it all together, with our Marketing Coordinator Paul Gordon working overtime to make sure all the pieces aligned. Finally, I made a fake product page and Adam hyped it up good and made sure you all got to see it. Special thanks to Ferenc Fertoi, who provided crucial last minute server support.

We hope you enjoyed the prank, we're already thinking about how we can top it next year. Until then, continue to hang out with us on Facebook, Twitter and the forums!


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