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Friday Round-Up - Oct. 7

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Kyle is away jetsetting around the world like a rockstar this week, so I'm filling in with our weekly community round-up.

EMP Episode 3: The Missing Link

We sat down with Mary, Antoine, Marc-Andre and David to talk DLC. Don't miss this mystery-filled hour-long discussion!

And if you're still looking for something to put in your ears, be sure to check out the rantings and ravings of our favorite propagandist Lazarus, found on the hacked Sarif Industry website.


If you haven't seen it yet, we answered your most burning DLC question in... The Missing Fridges.

We've mentioned them last time, but we really can't get enough Punch Punch Revolution. Good thing Episode 5 is out, now with 100% more Nyan Cat.

I really dig speed-drawing videos, they're like magic. Watch Zooc draw a stunning portrait of Adam Jensen, you'll see.

But hands down the most awesome thing to make the rounds this week was The New Black Gold, a catchy-as-hell song by Miracle of Sound inspired by DXHR. Golden.

Forum Discussions

A question for people complaining about the boss fights.
You guys sure have a lot to say about the boss fights, and you better believe we're taking notes.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks (and Things) I didn't know but thought useful to share...
I learned a couple things there, no doubt you will as well!

No Aug playthrough
For some people, even Deus Ex difficulty level isn't hardcore enough. Watch Auric try to get through the game without using one Praxis kit, with only his takedowns and Level 1 hacking skills. Impressive!


You guys know this by now, we use our Tumblr to let Frank answer your questions, such as these...

Keep 'em coming!


First off, Marketing Coordinator, frequent Community contributor and fridge enthusiast David Bedard shares a personal DXHR moment.

He's not alone in his love for heavy home appliances. Here's one from our favorite Adam impersonator.

But Adam also has a social conscience and uses his powers to raise awareness of important issues...

Punching can be therapeutic. Just ask @jenbosier.

It can even help you get in shape!

Unlike some people, who use their augmentations for less admirable purposes. Witness GhaleonEB, who went on a (admittedly super entertaining) trolling punching rampage.

Fan Art

This candid team picture was captured by Justbast.

Sieg Lancaster gave us this gorgeous sketch of Adam Jensen's Icarus.

More great character sketches, this time from EricaLeev.

I think we can all agree that Fedorova is a bitchin' character. Thanks, AspectusFuturus, for reminding us!

We know that David Sarif has a bold vision for the future of humankind, but it seems he also has plans for our equestrian friends, as we can see from this disturbing piece of evidence found on 4chan.

Who knew? Jona Sakarisdottir did!

That's it for this week. If you miss our fearless Community Manager, you can catch him at New York Comic Con October 13-16.

And where will Adam be? On my desk, taking some... personal time.


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