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Friday Round-up - Sept. 16

Posted by Kyle Stallock

It's Friday, and the end of the work week for the semi-fortunate, which means there's probably a treasure trove of community activity behind us. Let's take a look back at what's happened in the last five or so days...

Community Blog

We held a community signing event here at Eidos-Montreal last Saturday. Many of you showed up. We're not lying! You really did! Here, look at these pictures! See? We're not fibbing: Community Signing Day

Also, be sure to tag yourself in these photos, if you're in them.

Our moderators work hard to keep the forum a hospitable place. This week, we highlighted one of them, Jerion. Please, give the article a click.

Episode 2 of EMP is almost ready, but in the meantime, we figured we'd give you a look back at what it was like recording episode 1.


We like to use the Tumblr account for pictures and answering your questions. Here are some highlights from the last week.

When our PR department gives us the ok to reveal new information for upcoming content via the community, we embrace these opportunities. So we opened our information doors to you, letting you, in a way, define the info revealed for The Missing Link. Here's my favorite:

Frank answered a few hard questions of his own.

This post even inspired a new forum thread.

Fan Art

You create it (or find it on the web and submit it to us), and we seeded it out. Apologies if we don't give credit to the original creator(s). Please, correct us (

First, our favorite of the week, submitted by @ELIANT_ELIAS on Twitter. Make sure you check out his Deviant Art page.

Submitted by Mansur Syed on Facebook.

Submitted by Jairo Rodriguez, possibly originating on 4chan.

This isn't fan art, but man oh man, we're obligated to include it in this week's round-up.

Check her out here.

Fan Video

Gotta give credit where credit is due, and these fans get a whole bunch for starting their own DX:HR-themed web series. Keep 'em coming, guys (gals, too, if there are any involved).
Deus Ex: Augmented (Web Series: Part 1)

"Deus Ex: Augmented is a series of web shorts based on the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix. The series follows Adam Jensen as he continues to uncover the mystery behind the attacks at Sarif Industries and come to terms with his new augmentations."


There's an ongoing tag on Twitter called #DeusExForMe, and people are using it to describe their own experiences with Human Revolution. The results are great, and plentiful. Below are some excellent submissions. Please, continue this as the weeks and months roll on...

As many of you know, we're on Twitter (@eidosmontreal). Naturally, we receive some comments, questions, concerns, etc. To give you a taste of that information stream, I've listed some of the @s below.

We get this a lot. Don't worry, we’ll sing information regarding Thief loud and proud when the time is right. We appreciate your enthusiasm. Really.

If she then replies "What a shame," it's imperative you marry her immediately. Do whatever you can.


Figure it out. Ready... go! No, wait. Only stop when our other titles release.

Flunkorg couldn't believe DX:HR was our first title. For this, we say "thank you." At least, I think that was a compliment.

Thank you.

Until next time, creepy Barrett says "buhbye!"


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