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Friday Round-up - Sept. 23

Posted by Kyle Stallock

EMP Episode 2 is out! Huzzah!

Listen to it here.

Here's the forum discussion that ensued, wherein I'm compared(?) to Mr. Rogers (obviously a compliment, right?)

Forum discussions

"DLC is only 5 hours long? WTF?"
User simonpm is sad the Missing Link DLC might be "only" five hours long. Some people share this person's sadness, while others believe five hours seems appropriate. How do YOU feel about this?

DX & DXHR - Awesome references/nods, easter eggs etc. (SPOILERS inside)
This thread isn't new, but if you're into references, easter eggs, and all that jazz, you really should take a look. Contribute, if you can. There's a chance some content's still waiting to be found…

The 'All Aug' challenge (expect spoilers)
Here's an admirable mission: try and procure all augs in DX:HR. That's what user “Jibbajabba” (LOVE the name) is trying to do. Check on his progress here, and toss him some tips if you can.

Fan Art

As a huge fan of TF2, I love this one. Don’t be surprised if it’s my avatar on Steam...

Engineer never asked for this – by DEMOXED

Poor Adam, he...

I never asked for this... - by pirpintine

Adam Jensen – by Emanu Elvis Garnheim

Adam Jensen – The Missing Link – by CohenR

My Doctor is Augmented – by JojjeE

Oh, look, here's our very own David Bedard modeling a Bell Tower shirt. Let's give him an "awwwwwww."

And here's a bunch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link gifs.


As always, we're answering your questions on our Tumblr.

Coincidently, the list of DLC achievements has been partially revealed today...


If there's one series of DX:HR machinima that's made us laugh the most, it's easily Punch Punch Revolution. Faces were harmed from prolonged laughter. Watch at your own risk.


Yep! We're on Twitter. And yes, we read every message.

Here are some notable @s we've received the last week.

I don't believe so, but if you're on the PC Steam should keep track of that information.

Opinions! But yes, we can see your point.

Please don't 'splode!

You... you... murderer! (that's ok)

Jeepers creepers! No, thank YOU!

Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

#DeusExforme is an ongoing hashtag. Here are some of my favorites:


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