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From Thi4f to Thief

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

As the forum taffers are well aware, we've been working in the shadows for quite a while.

Eidos-Montreal announced the Thief project in 2009, well before pre-production began, to ensure that we could recruit the best possible talent. We wanted to attract developers who not only had the right skills, but also the right motivation to bring this beloved franchise back to life.

The Thief team in 2009

Since then, we've gone through all the typical phases of game development: hours of hands-on research with the previous titles to decode the Thief DNA, followed by countless brainstorming meetings to reinvent the franchise while keeping true to its deep roots. Through iterations and reiterations, shedding blood, sweat, tears, ink and pixels, our talented developers have crafted an experience worthy of the long wait.

The Thief team in 2011

Learn more about the Thief development process in today's video update on the Game Informer Thief hub, then jump in the forums or get on Facebook to share your impressions.


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