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Halloween at Eidos Montreal

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

All month long, we've shown you some exceptional Deus Ex cosplayers. As a Halloween treat, we're turning the cameras around to show you how we like to dress up. We ran through the studio this morning and took pictures of all the great Halloween costumes to give you this highlight reel.

First up, the winner of our costume contest, Lead Programmer David Gallardo who dressed up as a stereotype. He won by popular acclaim, as evidenced by the Mardi Gras-esque number of beads around his neck. We just love making fun of the French around here...

Some other favorites:

What does your office look like today? You know we want to see any and all Deus Ex or Thief-related costumes, make sure you send us pictures at, tweet them @EidosMontreal or join the fun on Facebook.


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