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Adam Jensen is Everywhere (Even in Minecraft)

Posted by Kyle Stallock

Adam Jensen, never content to reside within his own universe, has decided to go on a post-release tour. With the help of friends in high places (i.e. you), there's no end to all the locations this augmented man of mystery might appear.

Like Minecraft.

The header image is only a small fragment of the imposing recreation of the Sarif Industries Headquarters designed by Master Architect Roilich92. Visit his Planet Minecraft profile to see his creation in full glory. He also made a pretty great Barrett skin!

These next wonderful pieces of pixel art comes from Sebastian Hage (@Hoschimensch), who linked them to us via Twitter.

Oh, and look! Adam brought a friend! No Gunther? What a shame.

Breaking news! Andrew Corrado just wrote to tell us he saw strange signs in the sky...

Be sure to send us all your Adam Jensen sightings at, we love to feature your creative brainchildren!


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