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Lazarus Radio

Posted by Kyle Stallock

You might know Lazarus, the pirate radio DJ passionately voicing his opinions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He was hard to miss, ranting and raving while delivering vital information to the masses of 2027.

Steve Szczepkowski, the audio director for DX:HR, and I find the voracious DJ to be a personal favorite character of ours from the game. Eager to flesh out the backstory, Steve proposed creating a series of broadcasts that could lead up to DX:HR, highlighting what happened to Lazarus before... well, if you played the game you already know what I'm referring to.

Long story short, the writing team liked the idea, and worked closely with Steve to develop the series. The content debuted with the hacking of the Sarif site just a few months ago, but in case you missed it, we've provided all the files for your perusal below.

Pirate Radio 1 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 1)

Pirate Radio 2 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 2)

Pirate Radio 3 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 3)

Pirate Radio 4 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 4)

Pirate Radio 5 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 5)

Pirate Radio 6 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 6)

Pirate Radio 7 by EidosMontreal
(Download Broadcast 7)

You can also hear them all, along with every episode of EMP, on our SoundCloud page.


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