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Lights, Camera... Hey, Where’d He Go?

Posted by Adam Badke

One of the best parts of my job of late has been watching the multitude of lively discussions and debates unfolding since Thief’s unveiling a few weeks ago. Today, I went to see Game Director Nic Cantin with some common questions that have been popping up from fans.

Hey Nic, tell us: is Thief a 1st or 3rd person game?

1st person!

Are there any 3rd person elements?

Yes, we do have some 3rd person elements – but they’re really kept to a minimum, we don’t have a lot. 3rd person is used to improve your awareness of your surroundings – for example, during vertical navigation. We’re really taking particular care to make sure that we’re not jarring players back-and-forth between cameras.

How would you describe the pace of the game?

We want to give the player a choice about pacing. It’s really up to the player to decide how to use the tools at their disposal to define their own pace.

Will fighting/combat ever be the best choice to take?

If you do choose to take that kind of approach you’ll be challenged by both the guards and the environment/level design - people are certainly going to react to your behavior!

Would you say Garrett is a Superhero/Ninja/Action hero?

(laughs) No. Garrett is Garrett. He’s a thief. He’s THE Master Thief.

Does Garrett’s updated look reflect anything specific in gameplay?

Yeah, Garrett is a capable guy and I definitely think that’s reflected in his costume. But if you look at the old Garrett I don’t think we’ve changed him that much. He’s still that same dark guy, but with more elements to reflect his new abilities.

What are the “action moves” that have been discussed in past coverage? How do they work and are you able to fight without using them?

Yes - I think fans will be happy to hear that old school style melee combat is still there like the classic Thief games, and it’s just as challenging. We’ve also added an extra layer on top of that to empower the player, Garrett has the option to use his Focus ability to give him a temporary advantage if players choose – but it comes at a cost.

So you’re saying classic melee combat is still in the game?

Yeah – and the blackjack’s back as well!

Awesome! Thanks Nic!

So there you have it folks! Hope this clears up some of your questions; stay tuned for more on Thief. Make sure you leave us a comment below, join in the conversation on the forums and like Thief on Facebook!


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"We’re really taking particular care to make sure that we’re not jarring players back-and-forth between cameras."

As if this was the problem...
Deadly Shadows precisely messed up with a few of theses "additions" that goes against the core experience of the series. You're a thief, you primarily need to hide in the shadows, observe (with your eyes, not your astral projection powers) and listen (that notion being one of the key components that defines Thief's gameplay). Third person takes off most of this awareness of your environment you need to manage, the tension and immersion of the first person perspective that sets the particular tone and pace of the game, and in the same vein eventually, one last element that gives the series its identity, the notion of truly being in the head of the protagonist which you hear the thoughts every now and then.

Why... why are you making partly half-assed sequels to such games?!


Third person view kills the immersion in the game atmosphere.
If there are some short 3rd person view please at least make them 'optional'.


What? No third person? That was one of the best things about Deadly Shadows. I enjoyed having the freedom to watch Garrett climbing around and knocking out/stabbing guards. Please offer third and first person as a player choice again?


It is very important that the saves are self made (as in the three previous chapters) and not in checkpoints or in level end. Please, say to it. Thank you.