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The Master Thief Competition

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Thief is #1 in multiple countries across the world! Thanks to everyone out there who is currently playing. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Yogscast and created this video:


Our real-life building-hopping Master Thief is played by none other than James Kingston, the UK based nutter who you may have seen hanging from a crane recently. Here he is, all decked out as Garrett, with our PR guy Adam Phillips.

James Kingston’s fame as the face of urban free-climbing has been snowballing ever since his crane hang hit the internet. Here is more of the kind of craziness he gets up to...

He recently starred in Channel 4’s Don’t Look Down’ documentary in the UK. If you’d like to know more about James, take a sneak peek at this article or head over to

Breaking news... Eidos-Montreal is also searching for real-life Master Thieves! Today, we’re announcing a competition to win one of two top-spec gaming PCs supplied by AMD. To enter, simply upload a video of direct feed footage of Thief to YouTube. This can be raw feed or edited footage – the choice is totally yours!

The first gaming PC will be won by the very best video out there. Whether it’s funny, clever, creative, or whatever you choose, the video that entertains us the most will win!

The second PC will be won by the person who uploads the most impressive video, the very best, most innovative, most Master Thief video out there. Will you leap around in the shadows unnoticed and clear an area of loot in the quickest time possible? Will you be a predator and clear an entire area of guards in a few moves? Will you do a bit of both? The choice is yours!

The only thing we ask is that your video has the following words in the title: “The Master Thief Competition”. That’s it.

The rules are nice and simple as we don’t want to dictate what you do, we want you to choose. Now go and make something amazing! Let your imagination run as wild as you want - if your video is the best, we’ll give you a brand new shiny gaming PC!

The full terms and conditions are below. Please also note that due to legal restrictions, this competition is only open to players aged 18+ in North America, UK, Germany, France and Spain.

UPDATE : We're excited to announce that France is now elligible to take part in this contest!

Download the terms and conditions for: North America - UK - Germany - France - Spain

For more on THIEF, join us in the forums, on Twitter and on Facebook!


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We're enormous enthusiasts of The Dark Mod , a fan change of the first Thief diversion that won our 2013 mod of the year grant . Square Enix, which will soon distribute the Thief reboot, is a fan too. It simply reported an organization with Amazon for a Thief: Gold modding rivalry, and has guided members to The Dark Mod in the event that they're searching for accommodating modding assets. Amazon and Square Enix will acknowledge short video playthroughs or composed pitches for Thief: Gold mods, regardless of whether they're making another heist for Garrett or modifying an exemplary level from the arrangement. marketing assignments online uk


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My video for competition:

Enjoy =)


when does the competition end?


Im also 22 years of age my birthday was at the beginning of the month


I just made my entry too! I hope you enjoy it! :)

DeerWolf This is my Video for the competition Sephiroth is my game name but DeerWolf I had to use because Sephiroth was already taken I think