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EM Community #1: Meet Romano!

Posted by Adam Badke

As most of you have seen by now, the first official Thief trailer has been released! On the off-chance you haven't seen it yet, check it out on the Thief YouTube channel, right here.

Today also marks the launch of our very first EM Community video, where we take you behind the scenes for a look at our studio and the creative processes of our teams as they craft the games you love. In our premiere episode, we're very excited to introduce you, the Thief community, to Mr. Romano Orzari - the voice of Garrett.

Romano Orzari

I talk with Romano about just how he got inside Garrett as a character, and the rigors of playing the role of THE Master Thief. Plus, I talk with Narrative Director Steven Gallagher and Audio Director Jean-Christophe Verbert about finding the perfect vocal fit for Eidos-Montreal's imagination of Garrett. Watch below!

In addition to being a close physical match to Garrett, Montreal-born Romano brings years of experience to the role gained by acting for the majority of his adult life. His list of credits include the starring role in the Gemini-winning TV series "Omerta" – a huge hit in his home province of Quebec – plus dozens of other leading roles that have scored him an impressive array of awards throughout the years. Orzari is also fluent in English, French and Italian. We captured some behind-the-scenes footage during his last mocap session with GameOn located right here in Montreal:

The whole cast comes together to shoot a crowd scene.

Romano gets feedback from Steven on his performance.

Full-performance mocap records body language, facial expression and voice all at once.

The view from the console, with face feeds, lines and a view of the whole scene.

Hope you enjoyed todays coverage! Got a suggestion for our next EM Community video? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see! For more on Thief, make sure you subscribe to the official Thief YouTube channel and like Thief on Facebook!


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However, the extra sales you would net from the original fans would offset the cost (or even exceed the profits) of recording Russell's vocals as an option in the settings menu. Really, you have no idea what this would mean to the hardcore fans of the series. You would be reknowned for listening to the fans, like they believed you were instead of just taking all of their ideas and ripping out the core of who Garrett is to them. Yes, Romano is awesome at what he does and I'd love to experience his interpretation of Garrett, but you really don't understand how much of a hero you would be to so many people if you at least offered the option of allowing them to experience possibly the best Thief game ever created with the most well known Garrett voice actor who has ever lent his talent to the Thief series. You really have no idea what this means to these people - it means the world to them, and shouldn't that be important to you as the people who make dreams come true?


But, dammit, Romano is freaking sexy! *conflicted!*


They just don't make bears like they used to...


I have to agree with Msledd, this just doesn't feel like the Garrett I'm used to hear. Sure, Romano is quite near Stephen's performance but still isn't. I'm sorry but I couldn't hold back my disappointment with this one. For me there was no questioning with this one, Stephen was Garrett and end of the story. Talking about that fans were asked what they wished from the new Thief game. The biggest wish was: "Keep Stephen Russell." Well... Nope.


As excited as I am about this new Thief game, and as good as Romano sounds... He's just not Garrett. I am deeply saddened by the decision to replace Stephen Russell as the voice of Garrett. I've been an avid fan of Thief since the beginning, and Russell *is* Garrett, it's so hard to imagine Thief with anyone else.


As a fan of the franchise from the time of the originals release I have to say that the decision to change the voice actor during a "reboot" is NOT a bad idea. Besides, haven't you noticed how close it is to the original? (not worth complaining about). This is a brilliant franchise finally seeing the light of day again, we should be joyous not pricking away at minor details. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIEF BACK :)


As a long time Thief fan I am not pleased with the decision for a new voice actor. I think the video above should have further explained why Eidos chose to make this change so that, at the very least, it would have appeased some the fans of this series. I'm going to still purchase Thief but you guys made a strange decision in ripping out the voice of Garrett and replacing it with someone new to the series.


i was in highschool when i first played the dark project. i remember back in 2004 i had to completely upgrade my pc to be able to play deadly shadows over summer break. it took me 4 days of nothing else. 4 days and i never played it again, because of the shalebridge cradle. i hate horror movies/games. and that mission was so tremendously well made that i still fail to sleep if i think of it when going to bed.
the thief series are the only games that are installed at any time on my machine. i don't pick favorites among them, together they define what i am as a gamer. i don't play shooters, i don't like them. thief was always something different, something more refined if you will. i am enormously happy that after all these years of waiting it's finally happening - a new thief game. and i dare hope, not the last. of course i will buy the game, in a heartbeat, it's been 9 years of waiting and it will be 1 more. as for the voice thing, tbh you could have made garrett mute and it wouldn't have mattered, but mr romano seems like a perfect fit for what you are trying to do!
i only hope this will not be a disappointment, i know you people are working extremely hard but there are also extremely high hopes from such a title. for the fans, this is the greatest game series ever made. this is the reason why we own computers. those were some of our best years in gaming, and it's up to you to bring them back or even top them off - that's just huge and i for one would not want to be in your shoes, and i wish you all the luck in the world!


I will give this game a shot. As a matter of fact, I look forward to it but I am still more than a little troubled by Russell not being Garrett. EM needs to consider this a little more, even if they think they have thought it through. It could be a huge mistake.

The character of Garrett was voted in the top ten game heroes of all time back in the original and ten years later was still a contender for Gamespots best video game hero of all time and no thief game had been released for 5 years at that point.
PC zone ranked him as #9 in their all time list of best characters solely on his dry sarcasm. To keep going, 2010 Games voted "one of the greatest ever"; 2011 Empire voted 29th greatest video game character of all time; 2012 GamesRadar voted 35th "most memorable, influential, and badass"; 2008 360 magazine honorable mention for best xbox hero in user ratings based on one of the three games; 2011 Cheat Code Central ranked him 8th in 'Sexist Male Video Game Charicter' based solely on Russell's voice acting; and IGN in 2012 called him Most Notorious in gaming anti-heroes. Russell's voice did this. I know the idea of taking this your own way but your own way is brick wall. You are chancing success. Russell gives you success at the start. I know you want to sync voice and motion but it may hurt you more than help you. I know that in your mind, Romano can't be the best look for Garrett. It would be better not to settle on both sides for someone who is capable of both but to split up the physical and vocal and get the best you can for both sides.

I have been playing the Thief games for nearly 15 years now. I have never had a computer that didn't have at least one of them installed on it, if not all of them. These have been my favorite games. Please do your best to do them the service they deserve.


I agree with Razor, I was a bit nervous about a new VA as well. However after watching (and hearing) Romano I'm actually looking forward to his performance. As far as the "I won't buy if Stephen Russell isn't in it" crowd goes, suffice to say scru'em. Fans will buy the game and give Romano a fair viewing and people new to the series won't care. So imo the trolls talking crap would be the same people whining that the game is too hard or they don't like the colors or any number of completely BS reasons to troll. Far to often Devs and corporate folks actually listen to that vocal minority and make changes. That's why so many great games have been dumbed down to the point of insanity. SE and EM are taking a fresh view of a great series. Good on ya guys. I can't wait to play and see what's been done with new tech and knowing that a number of Thief fans actually worked on the game makes it that much better. As for Romano, dude ignore the trolls and do your best. That's all the fans want.



I won't lie to you guys. I wasn't happy when I immediately heard it wasn't Stephen Russell Doing Garrett's voice. Its more then nostalgia as you guys put it. He was the soul behind the character. However I love this series and its the game that got me through my teen years in more ways then one. The character was my "Superhero" of sorts. My fictional character to look up to.

That being said, I will still be buying Thief. When I say this I am sure I speak on behalf of every Taffer out there. Don't @#$% up my Hero. This video is exactly what you needed. Give us more of a look at this person. Let us see who it is that's taking on filling such HUGE shoes. It was a good move, and frankly I want to see more of it. Keep it coming Edios Montreal.