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Meet the Moderators – Spyhopping

Posted by Adam Badke

Running a community for two hugely popular franchises is no small task. Our diligent fans submit hundreds of questions, comments, responses, emails, tweets, letters, PMs and posts every week – and that’s not even including the deluge of awesome fan art, cosplay pics, fan fic and sometimes even fruit based homages – and so, so much more.

To help us get the job done, we rely heavily on a team of crack volunteer moderators (you might remember John and Julie) who help us with the day-to-day of running the official Deus Ex and Thief forums. These guys surf the razors edge between the Eidos-Montreal studio and the most lively parts of our communities.

Recently, as some of you will have seen, we welcomed two brand new members to the team, Lucy and Nate (more on Nate later!)

Today I’d like to introduce you to Lucy, aka Spyhopping, who works tirelessly from her home in the UK to support us and the Deus Ex and Thief communities. To find out more, I spoke with her about what exactly it is that makes her moderating motor tick:

EM: Tell us about your name.

LUCY: Hello, I’m Lucy! My username is “spyhopping” on the Eidos forums, and yes, it’s a silly verb. It has something to do with whale behaviour that you’re probably not at all interested in. This is me, Christmas 2012







Where are you located?

The dreaming spires of Oxford in England. It’s an exceptionally beautiful, unique, vibrant and fun city. You should definitely visit.

What's your history with Deus Ex?

I played the original when I was very small, 11 or 12, which is probably too young for such a heavy game, but it won my heart. Playing it for the first time was all down to serendipity. It was in the disk drive of a second-hand PC, which was our first family computer.

What’s your history with Thief?

I did things back to front. I played Deadly Shadows first and really loved it, and then did a back-track. I’m currently having a play again of Deadly Shadows which is bringing back some fond memories. I love the pace of the games, and they triggered a fondness of stealthy gaming. Even in Deus Ex, my style is usually stealthy, non-lethal and slow paced!

How long have you been participating on the Eidos forums?

I loitered around the forums in 2007 when I caught the exciting news that a new Deus Ex game would be made. Back then, I’d still faithfully google “Deus Ex” every now and again in the hope of a new announcement. I eventually joined early 2008 so I’ve been participating for about 5 years.

What’s your favorite memory stemming from the Eidos forums in this time?

The very first caption contest was entertaining and the exciting days around the first full cinematic Human Revolution trailer. There have been some very funny moments in the little IRC channel that was set up too. I’ve really appreciated the art, writing and music that has come out of the community, there are some talented guys and girls.

At the moment it’s good just soaking up the camaraderie, getting involved in the clever conversation, the occasional fight and the keen anticipation over Thief. It’s like an old faithful coffee shop now, with frayed squishy sofas.

So far, what do you enjoy about being a moderator?

It’s nice to see things from a slightly different perspective and get more involved in my favourite gaming community. Things haven’t changed too much, but I’ve really enjoyed working with the other mods so far, they’re all pleasant, fun people.

What are you favorite movies and TV shows?

The film of the year for me has undoubtedly been Les Mis. I never miss an episode of Doctor Who or Game of Thrones. I like the re-make of Battlestar, Firefly, The Thick of It and Sex in the City.

What are you favorite bands and albums?

I’m a bit ambivalent when it comes to bands. I like a whole mix of instrumental music, like soundtracks from films and classical music.

What are your favorite books?

I grew up reading the Harry Potter series. Authors like Neil Gaiman, Alex Garland, William Gibson and George RR Martin are other fond favourites. Reading Pride and Prejudice at the moment, which is a sweet story.

Besides gaming, what other hobbies do you have?

I’m passionate about drawing, painting and sculpting. There was a time I was really into cycling and wandering around mountains too, but unfortunately I don’t get much time for any of the above these days.

Doing some top-rope climbing in Snowdonia.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

I’m horrifically clumsy!

What did you enjoy most about Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

I could go on all day about it, but I’ll keep it short: Hengsha. The richly designed music. The way the urban environments felt alive, cluttered and organic. It was a wonderful, worthy prequel to Deus Ex and I’m really excited for where the franchise could be headed in the future.

What are you most excited for about Thief?

I’m excited about the story and characters, as I often am with games. It’ll be interesting to see how more modern, intelligent AI will change the way we approach stealthy gameplay. The environments currently on show are looking intriguing. I want to see more.

Do you have any special words you’d like to share with the community?

The last few years have been fun. Thanks to everyone who sticks around.

P.S. I tricked this signed poster out of Jerion (John), one of our long serving Eidos moderators. You can try it for yourself - just mention Firefly and he’ll be distracted for long enough for you to extract some goodies.

Awesome stuff, thanks Lucy!

I hope that you’ll all join me in welcoming Lucy to the team. She’ll be helping out day-to-day on both the Deus Ex and Thief forums, so please stop by and say hello!


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