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Meet the Moderators – Master Taffer

Posted by Adam Badke

A dedicated team of moderators is a vital part of ensuring a fruitful and pleasant experience in every online community. Without these hardworking folks, most online message boards would be nothing but a smoking, long abandoned and spam-ridden wasteland, home to nobody but trolls, internet scams and that one confused family member that we all have who just doesn’t 'get' what this internet business is all about. Netiquette? Not likely!

However, add just the slightest dash of moderation into the mix and it's easy to see the difference: spam posts are hurriedly swept away with the greatest of ease. Trolls are denied their dinner. New members stumbling into a sparkling oasis of idea dissemination are quickly welcomed and oriented into the collective – all while questions are asked and answered, theories are proposed and debated, polls are populated and discussions are... discussed. Ultimately, friendships blossom and relationships bloom as the online world industriously hums and ticks away.

To that effect, last week I had the pleasure of introducing UK-based Lucy, aka Spyhopping, to the global village of the Eidos-Montréal community as our newest forum moderator. As Lucy joined the ranks alongside the long serving and dedicated John and Julie, some of you might have also noticed another brand new moderator in the Deus Ex/Thief midst: Master Taffer!

Today, we learn more about the man himself, Nate, who spends his offline time in Iowa. Check it out:

EM: What’s your name?

They call me... Nate.

What’s your age?

I’m 27!

Where are you located?

Smack dab in the middle of the Midwestern United States in Ames, Iowa.

What's your history with Deus Ex?

I played the original game in 2002 and remember enjoying it a lot. The level of freedom presented was extremely appealing, and there was something amusing about JC’s Joe Friday candor. I picked up Deus Ex: Invisible War on the Xbox when it was released, and while I thought on its own merits it was good and enjoyed the game, I didn’t think it escaped the original’s shadow at all. Human Revolution in 2011 may have been one of my favorite games in the past ten years, however.

What’s your history with Thief?

A very long one, good sir. I remember first seeing the "Tools of the Trade" trailer on an Eidos demo disc and salivating at the thought of the game. When it was finally released in 1998, it completely changed my perspective on games for the better. Many nights were spent trying to complete the game the Lytha way as well as climbing on the architecture in the game. Since then, I still play Thief Gold at least once a year. Thief 2 and Thief: Deadly Shadows continued to feed my love of the series substantially, and I often cruise the net to this day to see fan art and missions in the universe.

How long have you been participating on the Eidos forums?

I first joined up back in 2009 when Thief 4 was first announced to the public. Since then, I’ve been a regular reader of the threads and engage in new discussions when they crop up.

What’s your favorite memory stemming from the Eidos forums in this time?

I’ve always loved checking out the fan art threads around here. There are some seriously talented individuals hanging around these parts!

So far, what do you enjoy about being a moderator?

The induction ceremony was pretty boss. They had lobster bisque and shrimp cocktail for days!

What are you favorite movies and TV shows?

I love movies and television of all genres. There’s always something awesome to be had for those who are willing to look. My favorite film in the past few years was Zodiac by David Fincher, though I’m also a big fan of some of the recent superhero outings.

Besides gaming, what other hobbies do you have?

I used to practice krav maga and kendo/kenjutsu fairly regularly, though full time school and work have put a damper on that. I’m also a big fan of locksport, or competitive lock picking for the uninitiated. You can thank Thief and its ilk for that little hobby. I also draw fairly regularly, but I'm not nearly as practiced an artist as some others around here.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

I lived in Iceland for two years. I loved the cold air and the weather, though the near perpetual daylight in the summer can start to drive a person to madness. Heh-hoo-hoo.

What did you enjoy most about Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

Not only did I have a firm appreciation for the themes at its core, but I loved the fact it was willing to take on actual issues like class divides and the morality of human augmentation without firmly taking a side in the argument. It’s always refreshing seeing a developer that is not afraid to touch on issues; the medium needs more people trying to elevate it.

What are you most excited for about Thief?

I absolutely love artist interpretation, so I’m greatly looking forward to a new take on the Thief universe. Human Revolution had a lot of style as well as substance, so the ball being in EM’s park is welcome and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

Do you have any special words you’d like to share with the community?


Thanks Nate!

If you see Master Taffer in the Deus Ex and Thief forums, be sure to say hi!


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