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Playtesters Wanted

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

You think you know what makes a fun game? You want to get your hands on games that people haven't even heard of yet? More importantly, you live in or around Montreal or you're planning a visit this summer? Sign up for a playtest!

The Eidos Montréal playtest department is currently updating its databank. We're looking for gamers of all ages and levels, from the most casual to the purest of the hardcore, to play games in development and share what they like and don't like about the experience. Playtesting is not QA; we're not looking for bugs but for consumer feedback, so programming experience is not required. We gauge things like usability, controls, story, ambiance, level design and game mechanics simply from observing people at play.

When we plan a session, we search our database for candidates based on different criteria depending on the test. We then contact all potential playtesters and invite them to the studio. Playtest sessions range from one afternoon to a whole week. While it's not a job, strictly speaking, participants are compensated for their time with free games or cold hard cash. Note that all playtests happen in our studio, so participants must be from Montreal or willing to travel at their expense.

This is a crucial part of the development process, and we can't do it without you! Find out more about the playtest lab in our interview with Playtest Manager Alex, then sign up online.


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We then contact all potential playtesters and invite them to the studio. Playtest sessions range from one afternoon to a whole week. While it's not a job, strictly speaking, participants are compensated for their time with free games or cold hard cash!
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Omission challenges gamers to train themselves to do the other - to spot what is lacking."

To make certain the finished product is polished and functional on as many environments as possible Essay Writing Service , MousePaw Media is placing out the call for game testers. Signing up to test Omission is free and clean, and only takes a couple of minutes.


Strictly speaking, this is not a job, but participants use free games or chilled cash to compensate for their time dissertation writing helps. Please note that all playtests happen in our studio, so the entrant must be from Montreal or willing to travel.


In the video game industry, playtesting refers specifically to the way toward uncovering a game in development Assignment Corp (or some particular parts of it) to its target group, to recognize potential design flaws and gather feedback.


Sooo bad i don't live in Montreal... I can't wait for the new game! I hope to be just like described by J.
I fully agree with J, Thief 4 must synthesize the best parts, the strenghts of the old games. I just finished Thief 2 for the third time, I can still hear father Karras preaching, I can still feel the shiver thru my spine when I'm thinking at Turret Room... While I wait for T 4, I'm thinking: Builder lead me, Against the dark, Towards the light. Fire of the Forge, Water of the Chalice, Hammer of the God...
You know what I mean...


Dear Sirs, I am one of those serious die-hard fans of the original series - particularly TTDP and T2, and have also played many of the fan-made missions - some of which rival the best of the originals. IMO E3 missed the mark.

I implore you to make T4 to capture the best of what the original two had to offer: amazing IMMERSIVE gameplay (1st person only) and large sweeping non-linear maps, with none of those silly portals chopping them up like T3 did.

It should feel like a WORLD ... and WE ... should FEAR being Seen ... or Heard! Less is more, I promise you! PLEASE spend some time perusing the forums at Many devoted fans have spent hours over the years detailing what we want in a T4. PLEASE give it to us!

"and I approached the hall, the scepter clearly visible across a large expanse of tile floors ...." Tile ... why did it have to be tile ...

Your devoted fan!



Just thought i'd say you guys are awesome. wish i lived in montreal so i could help you guys out but no luck there hope things go great and cant wait for some new games!