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Preorder Thief Today!

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Can't wait to get your light thief fingers on the loot? Today's your day: retailers across the Internet are now accepting preorders!

Reserve early to get an exclusive in-game mission. An homage to the First City Bank and Trust mission in Thief II, The Bank Heist will take you to the Stonemarket First Bank to retrieve a most coveted jewel, the Star of Auldale. Before you can get the shiny, though, you'll have to outsmart platoons of guards and defy a number of advanced security measures found only in this level. Have a look at what awaits you inside the bank in our preorder trailer and start planning your heist.

To celebrate the endless march of time taking us straight to the release of Thief, here is a hi-res version of the amazing Bank Heist concept art, suitable to adorn your desktop...

... or multiple screens! A popular choice around the office.

Preorder Thief from your favorite retailer or digital distribution platform today, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube so you don't miss even one shred of Thief news! If you want to discuss and speculate on the details of the Bank Heist, the forums are right this way.


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