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Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

We invited dozens of members of the gaming press in our studios last month for a preview of Thief. They got to see a live gameplay demo and a nifty tech demo. They sat down with the team to ask questions. They even got to play with Garrett's real-life bow!

If we are to believe the coverage that has started to emerge, they liked what they saw! Here is a small sample of Thief previews from around the web.

Destructoid - Thief Looks Like Everything I Wanted Dishonored to Be

"If I try to not get hyped, the game would steal my resolve."

Contributor Steven Hansen felt a kinship to Garrett: "There’s almost more nobility in Garrett’s misdeeds, or perhaps it’s the more mischievous nature of his cynical existence that’s so enticing versus the murderous nature of the others. He’s merely pushing himself for more and more challenging scores, after all -- some I can relate to as a videogame player at the least." He follows it up with a thoughtful overview of the gameplay demo.

Gamespot - Thief: In with the Old, In with the New

"What I saw of the game seems to have retained the series' soul, which came as some relief."

Senior Editor Kevin VanOrd is cautiously optimistic: "One thing was clear: this was a gorgeous demo, as was the tech demo that followed, featuring amazing amounts of textural details that made me wish I could reach out and feel the crumbling walls and iron balustrades for myself. Rain flowed naturally through the gutters, and light reflected and refracted authentically. The City was frighteningly beautiful, and I can't wait to return to it."

IGN - Thief: Stepping Out of The Shadows

"This is proper next-generation world building, and it shows."

Daniel Krupa takes you through the demo, sits down with the devs to talk about Dishonored, and finally concludes that: "Eidos-Montreal has pedigree when it comes to reawakening long-dormant franchises. It succeeded in bringing back Deus Ex from its slumber, with a game that respected the history of the series but made smart concessions to modern audiences. The same sensibility has carried over into Thief."

CVG - Thief Preview: Next-Gen Comeback Goes for the Jugular

"The most important part of our demo was the developer's repeated focus on respecting the past games and keeping the 'hardcore gamer' in mind."

Matthew Pellett gives a detailed rundown of the demo, concluding that "Garrett might well be most comfortable in the shadows, but in the run-up to next-gen Thief will have to deal with the spotlight. And on this first unveiling, at least, the stealth adventure isn't cracking under pressure." He also sits down with the devs to ask them the tough questions. "Why bring Thief back now? Why make it a next gen only project? And why reimagine the series rather than carry on the franchise?" Click here for answers.

For more coverage, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, where we'll soon be sharing videos from the media and fans. Find an article you like? Let us know below!


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