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Tomb Raider: Surviving Together

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

The secret is out!

As revealed in the cover story of the January issue of OXM, Tomb Raider is going multiplayer. For over two years, Joe Khoury and his team here at Eidos-Montréal have been stealthily developing new gameplay options for one of the most anticipated games of 2013. We're thrilled to finally be able to introduce the devs and show off their hard work!

Producer Joe Khoury and his team leads

Why split off the development of the game between two studios? Crystal Dynamics’ studio head Darrell Gallagher explains: "It's something we talked about when creating the initial design for Tomb Raider, but it was very important that there weren't any distractions from our focus on delivering a great single player experience, so we parked the idea of creating multiplayer at Crystal Dynamics and looked to our sister studio, Eidos-Montréal. For me, the multi-player has to fit and it has to be fun or no one will play it. We’ve worked hard to make multiplayer fit seamlessly with the single player game and its key themes and we’ve play-tested the hell out of the multi-player game, it’s working well and gamers are enjoying it. Now we’re all just eager to get Tomb Raider into gamers’ hands in March so they can experience the entire game for themselves."

Oh, did we ever playtest it! We had the chance of trying out every mode and map in studio-wide betas and spontaneous department deathmatches. We even got to play a few rounds with Zac Levi when he came to Montreal to try out his own personal playable character. Let me just say that smashing Chuck's skull with a pickaxe ranks very, very high on my personal all-time best gaming moments list. Want a taste? Peek behind the scenes at the sweet multiplayer action in the Final Hours of Tomb Raider Episode 4: Surviving Together.

Despite the intense secrecy surrounding the project, we just couldn't stop ourselves from whipping out our phones and sneaking a few pictures during the Final Hours shoot...

Zac and Joe with Lead Animator Leander Schock

Zac and Joe with Lead Level Designer Jason Dozois

The whole Tomb Raider multiplayer team!


For more juicy details on Tomb Raider, including more great making-of videos with Zac, you know the drill: visit the official site, follow on Twitter and like on Facebook.


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