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Take 5 – Community Q&A #2

Posted by Adam Badke

Welcome to another Take 5 community Q&A! Thief fans have submitted their questions about the game, and the development team has taken 5 minutes to answer them. This week, I sat down with Thief’s Game Director Nic Cantin, Narrative Director Steven Gallagher and Lead Artist Emanuel Garcia to ask them the top 5 fan-submitted questions. Here’s what they had to say:

Mik James: How varied will the environments be in Thief?

Emanuel: Each mission has a different setting and will take Garrett to a different place. Our environment design is really varied so that you can discover the different areas of the City in depth. The poor parts, the rich parts, outside of the city and in. Fans of the classic games will be able to see a lot that they will recognize from the previous games – including areas that they never got to explore, and now they’ll have the chance to visit.

Within each area of the city we also worked on a lot of different types of interior environments, which give the player a different mood or feeling when they go inside. Just like the different areas of the City look differently on the outside, all of the interiors have different moods as well.

knox140: Will there be any kind of horror element to this game like the Cradle or the Haunted Cathedral?

Emanuel: Yes, there is. I’ll just confirm that there are definitely some horror elements for now – it wouldn’t be Thief if we hadn’t thought of that - but I won’t say too much more or else when we deliver the punch you won’t get the scare!

Chuffnubble: I saw the Rope Arrow in action at E3 and I'm curious to know more about the Claw. What is it used for?

Nic: The Claw is actually very closely tied to the main story. Garrett uses the Claw to help speed up vertical navigation, it allows him to move really fluidly when he’s climbing. It’s a tool that gives him a new edge; it gives him the ability to navigate to new, higher points without being constrained to say, only climbing on pipes or whatnot. The Claw is just used for climbing, it’s not a weapon. You’re going to find that it’s especially useful when you’re exploring the City Hub.

CyberP: Any readable documents to be found in the levels?

Steven: The simple answer is yes, there are.

The longer answer is that there are a range of documents to read. Obviously, there are the core types of readables that allow the game to function and pass on key information like hints on the world around you and what you can do. Then, there are the documents that are for players that want to explore around and be rewarded for hunting every corner – readables that contain color, world history, that sort of stuff. I really want to include a lot of content that exploratory players will find meaningful.

Silshas: This Thief game is built to stand on its own from the original trilogy, but are there any nods within the game to the past Thief games that players of the past Thief games will recognize?

Emanuel: Yes, there’s a lot throughout the whole game. There are the really obvious ones... Anybody familiar with the classic games will recognize characters like Garrett, the Baron and Basso, of course. It’s also the same City with the same layout, the same districts, the clocktower; we almost didn’t change the layout of the City at all. It’s the same universe.

It’s really the old school players who are big fans and really know the first 3 games that will recognize all of the little nods, and we have them spread everywhere. The big reason for this is that including all of these little nods actually makes the universe more coherent. The game is a reboot, but this is still the Thief universe so they needed to be there.

Steven: Well, the obvious one is that the main character is called Garrett. Then, there is his reliable fence Basso, of course. There are nods everywhere for people that are looking for them. The fun for hardcore players is to find these nods. And for sure, they’re peppered everywhere – this is the Thief universe.

I’ve said before in interviews for fans of the previous games: this is a new game, and a new story. And even though you don’t need to have played the previous games to enjoy it, as an old player, you have the opportunity to fall in love with Garrett all over again. You’re going to walk through this story and this world and feel like you’re at home.

Nic: We’ve got a lot! I mean, already, if you look back at what we showed from the House of Blossoms, the whole den is set in the Keeper library from the classic games. If you look back behind the velvet curtains, you’ll see the gothic library taken directly from the Keepers Library in the classic games. We actually built from the design of the original library map – the structure, the levels, the whole location – when you play through you’ll even be able to find hidden, remaining parts of the Library in the basement. It’s a major beat, that level is all about exploring that old location.

The map is almost exactly the same as the City from Deadly Shadows. It’s very similar, except bigger and more detailed. We made a few minor changes – the biggest is that Dayport is on the other side of the river now – that’s the only district that we’ve changed. But The Clocktower, the Cathedral, it’s all there, the feeling is the same. There is a lot to see.

Thanks, guys! And thanks to everybody who submitted their questions for today's Take 5 Q&A. Stay tuned to the official Thief forums to ask your question for the next one!


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