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Deus Ex: The Fall Community Q&A Wrapup!

Posted by Adam Badke

Have you been following the “We PLAYED Deus Ex: The Fall at E3 – Ask us anything!” thread on the official Deus Ex forums? We brought 5 lucky community attendees to E3 to be among the very first in the world to get their hands on The Fall, and since their return they’ve been answering fan submitted questions about the game. Thousands of you have dropped by the forums so far to lurk in the thread and soak up the plethora of community questions and answers that have been posted.

But how exactly did the community E3 attendees get to know so much about Deus Ex: The Fall? Well, not only were they among the first in the world to actually PLAY the game, they also got to meet key members of the Deus Ex team behind the scenes and have unrestricted interview access – all live from E3. The guys recorded their experience, click here to check it out!

To wrap up the forum thread so far for those of you who haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, here are 5 top questions submitted about Deus Ex: The Fall, and their responses from the community attendees who saw the game at E3:


1. Those that didnt read the "Icarus Effect" book will be able to fully enjoy the story, or it requires some understanding of the book's plot? (Submitted by AlexOfSpades)

John: The game recaps Icarus Effect a bit, but doesn't waste time getting the player up to speed. I suspect that you'll get more out of it if you've read the book but it should stand on its own.


2. How linear is the game? Are there still multiple paths? Is it still possible to play non-lethally? (Submitted by FuzzyPuffin)

John: It's perfectly possible to play non-lethally and multi-path is very much present.

Andrew: We only got to play a single level, so it's impossible to know how linear the game will be, but I'd guess it'll be almost exactly the same as HR in that regards…We did see a playthrough of a city hub which was obviously more open.



3. Did DX:TF feel like a DX game or a tacked on budget offering? (Submitted by HERESY)

John: Deus Ex: The Fall is a tangent game. It is not the future of the core of the series. It is designed to bring the core of Human Revolution's gameplay and an expansion of the universe lore to the iPad while providing an additional avenue to expose new fans to the series- and it does this with surprisingly strong execution. What it is not is a sequel to Human Revolution; that game has yet to make an appearance. No, this is something altogether different, and should be evaluated accordingly.

Lucy: It looked fantastic. I had no idea that games could look that good on an iPad. We saw a cityscape at one point, which was gorgeous… It feels like HR. It might be difficult to get into the atmosphere if you're playing it for ten minutes on the bus, but you can decide for yourself where you play it. On the flight back I remember thinking it would have been a perfect thing to get into on long flights with your headphones on… I was expecting a lot more compromise in order to get it on this platform, but that really wasn't the case.




4. I've read that there is no jump button so does this detract from the gameplay? (Submitted by HERESY)

John: As for the lack of jump button, it doesn’t impact things in a substantial way. Between the controls being simplified a bit for the touch interface and the level design taking this into account, it is a considered removal. There is a vaulting button which allows for jump-like behavior where contextually reasonable.

Andrew: The level we played was clearly designed with the fact that the game doesn't have a jump button in mind, so I didn't find myself missing it that much - I didn't need to jump, so I didn't want to jump - and it's pretty safe to assume the rest of the game will be the same. It's an obvious concession to the touch screen control system, but not a killer.


5. How was the music (and sound, in general), compared to DX:HR? (Submitted by joebarnin)

John: The soundtrack is expanded for this game, it is not a copy and paste. Michael McCann has returned… Definitely new material, but of comparable quality and of very similar atmosphere. It's like an extension of the DX:HR soundtrack.

Lucy: More music from McCann. Need I say more?


A huge thanks to everybody who stopped by the “We played Deus Ex: The Fall at E3 – Ask us anything!” thread so far, and of course, a huge thanks as well to our community E3 attendees who have been working so hard to share their experience with everybody else - we hope you’ve all been enjoying the experience as much as we have!

Got another question about Deus Ex: The Fall? Head on over to the official Deus Ex forums and join the conversation! For more on Deus Ex: The Fall, make sure you like Deus Ex on Facebook and follow @EidosMontreal on Twitter!


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