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Thief Cosplay Spotlight: Amber Casey

Posted by Adam Badke

Those of you who follow the Thief Facebook page might recognize the talented Amber Casey’s fem-Garrett cosplay. Amber’s work originally came to my attention via her Tumblr blog (Pro tip: Tag your Thief posts with “#Master Thief”!), and the Thief developer team also got a chance to meet her in person at San Diego Comic Con as she was showing off her costume in person to fellow fans. A huge self-proclaimed Thief fan and also the first ever Garrett cosplayer to be featured on the Thief community blog, Amber has only just begun turning heads in the Thief community!

Hey Amber, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! I'm Amber Casey, I'm 24 years old and I live in Southern California. I work in the Health & Safety department for a manufacturing company - not my dream job mind you. I'm a huge comic, manga, table top, and video game lover. I have a weakness to puppies, villains, men in hoods and carne asada.

What made you want to portray Thief’s Garrett?

When I saw the promo video to the new Thief I instantly knew I wanted to design his costume! I've been a major Thief nerd what feels like my whole life and it just felt right to be designing a cosplay of him! I have major love for the sarcastic, sneaky, anti-hero in the hood.

What’s your favorite thing about Garrett’s outfit, and respectively, your costume?

My favorite from Garrett's outfit would have to be his sweet bow or that awesome chest piece. My favorite thing about my costume would have to be my lower belt that was modified to hold the rope across my hips. I don't know what it is about it - I just think it looks so cool!

How long did it take to put your whole costume together?

Between life and work it took about a month. I literally finally finished at 1AM on the morning I headed to a convention!

What was the hardest part to recreate from Garrett’s costume?

Definitely all those belts! I mean, jeebus! So many belts! The chest piece was difficult for me to come up with a design, though. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take a female route or make a replica. I am glad I went the feminine way - it puts my own spin on it and it was a hell of a lot easier to create!

Can you walk us through your process from forming your initial idea, through until when you were satisfied to call the project complete?

I stared at concept art of Garrett for what seemed like hours trying to think of ways I could make and design a costume that was practical, feminine - but also held elements of Garrett's outfit. I'm no pro, and neither is my amazing mother who helped me, so I needed a design that I KNEW we could do. I would walk around various stores trying to gain inspiration (even sex shops, as awkward as that may sound) and from there I would just buy fabric I thought would match well enough - and the rest is history!

Where have you shown off your Garrett costume, and what was peoples reaction when they see it?

I wore it first to Anime Expo in LA, and the reactions were amazing! Comments would range from, "I have no idea what you're from, but your cosplay is AWESOME!" to "You're GARRETT! So cool!"

I then took the costume to San Diego Comic Con, and although I wasn't around a bunch of cosplayers when I wore it I received great praise. The love I received from everybody made all the hard work so completely worth it! I can't even begin to describe the feeling!

What are your plans for future projects, and do you have any plans to take your Garrett costume to any more cons this year?

I would definitely be happy to wear it again! It is sort of empowering walking around in a hood and with all that gear. ;) My next designs I have swimming around in my head are the Nightingale Armor from Skyrim and Artemis Entreri from the Icewind Dale Trilogy. Hey, go big or go home!

Do you have any hints or tips for your fellow cosplayers?

You can make anything if you sit and think long and hard on a design. Don't give up, and don't rush - be patient!

Wise words! A huge thanks to Amber for taking the time to share her work with the Thief community.

Are you working on some Thief cosplay of your own? Tag your work with “#Master Thief” on Tumblr, Tweet it to us at @Thief, post it on the Thief Facebook page or drop us a line at!


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