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Thief Cosplay Spotlight: Ewenae

Posted by Sacha Ramtohul

Hello Ewenae! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m a French literature student. I have a lot of hobbies like writing, riding horses, music, video games, everything medieval fantastic… and now cosplay! I've also had a horse for many years: Loubard. I couldn’t have not mentioned him!

How did you get into cosplaying?

I always liked dressing up, and I found the work of cosplayers fascinating. Threads and needles scared me a bit… but I made the jump a month ago.

Why did you choose Garrett?

He was the trigger for my first cosplay. I love this character, I played Thief three times! It was only right that I started with him.

What kind of planning did you have to do to get started on your costume?

I looked for sewing tutorials on the internet, and I saw the wonderful work of cosplayers who tried their hand at Garrett; in particular l’Atelier des Vamps, Amber Casey and Lyz Brickley! Their work motivated me and served as inspiration; I needed something visual to get started. Thanks to the support of my friends, and the advice of cosplayers (whom I thank, by the way), I started by choosing all the fabrics, and laying out the patterns. I got so much support I feel it was the work of a team!

How did you make your costume?

With simple materials and clothes from my drawers. I touched up each piece (the cape, the hood) a bit every day, during almost one month.

What was the hardest or most frustrating part of the project?

I’m hesitating between the bow, because I’ve never crafted weapons before, and the top. With all the different pieces sewed on top, including the hood, it was quite challenging!

What was the most fun or surprising aspect of the project?

Well, the arm guards! I thought to myself they were very “medieval” and “archery-like”. I like them very much. All in all, sewing by hand was very pleasant. I did a few touch-ups with a sewing machine, for the cape and the quiver.

Did you get the chance to wear your costume at a convention?

There is the “Jap and Co”, a small convention in Brittanny. I will take part in the cosplay contest with Garrett. It will be my very first convention, it will be fun!

Do you have any pro tips for people who want to start cosplaying?

Go for it! I never touched a needle before doing this Garrett cosplay. As long as you like the character and have the motivation, you can do it. Follow your dreams and regret nothing!

What's your next cosplay project?

The Nightingale armor from Skyrim. But I would like to do a female version of the Thief-take general someday. I really like this character. And the arm crossbow is very classy!


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I am pretty much impressed with the dedication she has put on to this. The works by cosplayers are actually very fascinating when you get to know that they make the costume all by themselves. You need to appreciate the effort they had taken in order to make it.
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This thief cosplay gets a 10/10 rating from me. It's one of the best find this cosplays I've seen so far. If I find this cosplay on any other sites, it will confirm what I already know. This cosplay will get cosplay of the year.


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