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Thief Cosplay Spotlight: Israel Horton

Posted by Valerie Bourdeau

Halloween is near, and once again our thoughts turn to cosplay. We've already seen quite a few awesome Fem-Garrett costumes, and we're proud to introduce our first male Garrett cosplayer! Meet Israel Horton, who put together his impressive leather outfit from thrift store bits and pieces. How did he do it? Read on and find out.

Hi Israel! Tell us about yourself.

I'm currently going to school to become a director/screenwriter. I do YouTube videos in my free time, both in a team and on my own. Basically, I just love storytelling and building worlds. So that's why games like Thief appeal so much to me.

How did you get into cosplaying?

It just sort of happened, really. I went to cons on occasion, and had always admired the cosplays I'd seen on location and on the internet. So a couple years ago, I threw one together. It was Jacknife from Mirror's Edge. I don't really cosplay super seriously, sometimes an idea just strikes me.

Why did you choose to cosplay as Garrett?

Because Thief is my favorite game series, and I was really excited by his new costume! I just really like Garrett as a character, and I really relate to his personality. I've always been into stealthy rogue characters, so to become one feels great.

What was the pre-production like for your costume?

As far as planning goes, it was basically a lot of looking over the released art and screenshots and just figuring it out along the way. I built up a folder of pictures of Garrett's costume from different angles and worked off that.

How did you make your costume?

I have to give a lot of the credit to my mother on this, actually. She used to do costumery for renaissance fairs and that kind of stuff. Her and I basically shopped around at thrift stores for leather clothing, purses, and other materials to cut up and sew together to get that sort of tactile, stitched up aesthetic.

The vest (man-corset?) was definitely the most complicated; we took a leather jacket and cut it into the skeleton of the vest. From there, it was just sewing a bunch of little pieces of purses and belts onto it.

I'd say the boots were probably the second hardest thing. They're actually football cleats (minus the spikes), combined with material from a pair of boots and a pair of high heels, and then kneepads made out of a purse.

That's pretty much the story of the whole thing; a bunch of secondhand materials sliced and stitched into the frankenstein of a costume I have now.

What was the hardest part of the project?

Ha, probably making the vest, like I said. That took up the most time, really.

What was the most fun?

I think the most fun part was just wearing the finished costume around the convention. It felt so good!

Where have you shown off your costume, and what reactions did you get from fans?

So far, only Gencon '13. I wanna take it somewhere else, so I may be bringing it along for Ohayocon too. As far as reactions go, people were coming up to take pictures all day! I don't know how many recognized me as Garrett (as they didn't say anything to that effect), but at least one guy did so that made me happy.

What's your next cosplay project?

My girlfriend and I are planning a Joker and Harley cosplay, and we're giving it a sort of a 20's gangster twist. So that'll be fun.

Do you have any pro tips for people who want to start cosplaying?

Just jump in! It can be intimidating when you look at all the crazy stuff that experienced people do, but you gotta start somewhere. Have fun with it and try different ideas out! Don't be discouraged if something doesn't work, there's always a way around a problem.

Thank you for those words of inspiration, Israel!

What about you guys, are you going to don a cape and stealth around costume parties? Should you happen to catch a glimpse of a Keeper who wants to be seen, share some pics on Facebook, Twitter or the forums.


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