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Thief Cosplay Spotlight: Lyz Brickley

Posted by Adam Badke

Lyz Brickley is a busy girl. When she’s not sewing up a storm or broadcasting her live gaming streams via Twitch, you’ll find her in front of the lens modeling her latest cosplay. And I’m sure you’ll agree: the results are amazing!

Hey Lyz! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! Sure thing, I'm 23 years old and I live in Southern California. I love animals, I have three dogs, a cat, and a bird. I also love video games, table top games, reading, cooking, and arts and crafts of all kinds!

How long have you been creating costumes for?

I grew up in a pretty small town in the mountains, there wasn't a lot to do so I used to make Rogue/Warrior/Wizard/etc costumes for my brother and I to play outside in. I was about 9 or 10 and I guess, so that's where it all started. I always loved dressing up, so when I found out that this thing called "cosplay" existed in 2009 I was hooked!

What was it that made you want to portray Garrett?

I am a big fan of the Thief series. I also love the idea of being a stealthy, mysterious bad ass like Garrett. When I found out a new game was coming out and saw how cool Garrett's new design was, I just had to do it!

What’s your favorite thing about Garrett’s outfit?

It's hard to pick one specific thing. This outfit has everything I love in a costume. I guess if I had to choose, I'd say I'm a big fan of the face mask and hood combo. It just looks so cool and dark. I also really loved doing the scar and mechanical eye, it made me feel so tough! Haha!

How long did it take to build your costume?

I started working on this costume back in early May, but the progress was slow due to a trip I went on for a few weeks. Total time, I would say was about 2 or 3 weeks of working on it before San Diego Comic Con.

What was the hardest part to recreate from Garrett’s costume?

I think the part I had the most trouble with was the bow. The actual construction of it was okay, but I did a lot of second guessing about the size and certain angles. I'm happy with how it turned out in the end though!

Can you tell us about your process from getting the initial idea through until when you’re ready to call a project complete?

My usual process is a bit like this:
1. Decide I want to cosplay something.
2. Scour the internet to gather as much reference material as possible.
3. Decide what materials I want to make everything out of. Sometimes this can be difficult, and I might get hung up on something for a few days - but that moment when I figure it out is one of the most glorious feelings of the whole experience!

I usually take a lot of notes, jot down ideas, and draw sketches throughout the whole process. The construction phase is always messy. It isn't uncommon for me to find scraps of craft foam in my hair at the end of the day, or for my kitchen table to be covered in fabric and other supplies. I like to call it the "cosplay tornado", and once the storm passes the costume is complete! The whole process is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me.

Where have you shown off your Garrett costume, and what was the reaction when people saw it?

I wore my Garrett costume for the first time at San Diego Comic Con, and the reaction was better than I ever imagined - I was really shocked at how many compliments I received!

A lot of people didn't know exactly who I was cosplaying, but they still told me I looked like a badass and asked for a photo. The people who did know who I was, if you guys are reading this you totally made my day! It was awesome!

What are your plans for future projects, and do you have any plans to take your Garrett costume to any more cons this year?

I am currently working on Tamiyo from Magic the Gathering for a contest that I'm entering next month. I’d also really love to take my Garrett costume to more cons this year, it is my favorite of all my cosplays I've made so far and is super fun to wear!

Do you have any hints or tips for your fellow cosplayers?

You can find almost anything on the internet, it's a great tool to gather references and teach yourself new skills. I find it helpful to sketch things out before making them and also to always keep a visual reference nearby when working on a project. But the most important thing of all is to have fun - that's what cosplay is all about!

Great stuff – we completely agree! A huge thanks to Lyz for taking the time to chat with us and for sharing her incredible work with the Thief community. For more from Lyz, make sure you’re a fan of her Facebook page, check out her photographer Darshelle Stevens or tweet her @Lyz_B and say hi!

Are you working on some Thief cosplay of your own? Tag your work with “#Master Thief” on Tumblr, Tweet it to us at @Thief, post it on the Thief Facebook page or drop us a line at!


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